13FISHING Fate Steel 2 Piece Spinning Rod


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13 Fishing Fate V3 - 7'3 M Spinning Rod

13 Fishing Fate V3 - 7'5 H Casting Rod (Frog)

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13 Fishing Fate V3 - 7'3 M Spinning Rod

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13 Fishing Fate ft Spinning Combo Rod

If you don't know the 13 Fishing Fate Black series by now, it's time to get acquainted. This widely recognized series is back to make another bold statement. The continuing legacy of sensitivity and reactive spline on the PVG30T blank give this rod an unmatched feeling. Through the Evolve Soft Touch ported reel seat and custom-wrapped SS Alconiteguides, this rod relays the most subtle of fish intentions by harnessing the energy and transferring it straight to your palm.

13 Fishing Fate V3 6ft 7in MH Casting Rod Short Handle

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