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Among the common items, there will be kokeshi (traditional Japanese doll), samurai bow, kimonos, bonzai, agriculture. Gastronomic options will not be lacking.disclosure

Itaguaí – Japan’s 1st Immigration Festival, arrives in Itaguaí municipality. An event in honor of the largest Asian colony in the State of Rio de Janeiro takes place on the first weekend of June, 4th and 5th, starting at 18:00, in the Municipal Park. The ceremony is part of a partnership between Itaguaí Municipality through the Events Secretariat and the Vale Institute.

The program will be diversified, with presentations of oriental culture, workshops, exhibitions, as well as Japanese cuisine. According to the Municipal Events Department, the public will be able to see cosplay exhibitions, music and dance performances, origami and manga workshops, among other attractions.

The ceremony was instituted by Law 3.502, approved in 2017 by the City Council in honor of the Japanese Colony of Itaguaí, considered to be the largest in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The plan was hatched by then-councilor Minoru Fukamati.

The symbolic honor will be part of the ceremony with the presentation of the Argument to 63 cultural families of the Japanese matrix in the city. It is expected that the presence of the Japanese Consul General, Ken Hashiba, and the representative of the Japanese-Brazilian Cultural and Sports Association of Rio State (Renmei), Minoru Matsura.

“The intention is to honor and recognize the importance of these migrants who came to our municipality. They were instrumental in the growth and development of Itaguaí, both in agricultural production, trade and economic, historical and cultural development, as well as encouraging. military, baseball and volleyball “, explains Minoru Fukamati, Deputy Secretary General of the Government of Municipal Administration.

What to expect from the Japanese Festival

Among the common items, there will be kokeshi (traditional Japanese doll), samurai bow, kimonos, bonzai, agriculture. Gastronomic options will not be lacking, such as tempura, yakissoba, bento, sushi, sashimi. Adults and children will be able to learn more about this rich culture in workshops of manga, ikebana, origami and Japanese writing.

There are also several attractions, such as taiko music (dance), cosplay of characters, the presence of Miss Nikkey, tanabata decorations and martial arts exhibitions. The Municipal Park is located at Estrada do Trapiche, nº 2, in the center of Itaguaí.


The Japanese Festival is affiliated with the Vale Cultural Institute, through the Federal Cultural Motivation Act. The Itaguaí Cultural Establishment Project manages the preparation of cultural attractions. Since its implementation, the program has already benefited more than 15,000 students from public schools in the municipality and provided more than 550 hours of free workshops, seeking to save and strengthen the Itaguaiense culture.

“In the first year, the theme of the project was a commemoration of the two hundredth anniversary of the city, telling stories through various cultural activities in stadiums and schools”, recalls the project’s creator, Alessandra Reis.


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