3 Lakers’ reasons for not getting into Kyrie Irving’s fight


After it was announced that the Lakers are interested in defender Kyrie Irving if he does not sign a contract extension with the Nets, although many fans liked the idea, a few others turned their noses thinking that such a player could be a distraction. game Lakers way.

With that said, let’s list three points that the Lakers should consider in order not to bring Kyrie Irving to Los Angeles.

1. Long-term contract

The best thing in the world will be for the Lakers to be able to persuade Kyrie not to choose the option of his contract and sign an earlier one-year contract with the team. If both sides succeed, then the board and Kyrie will hold talks to extend next season.

But this option should not be easy to find. The Kyrie player option gives him the upper hand. If he thinks the Lakers may not extend his contract, he could easily exploit other teams in the market.

Irving is eligible for an extension of the contract subject to the following conditions:

2022-23: $ 42.7 million

2023-24: $ 46.1 million

2024-25: $ 49.8 million

2025-26: $ 53.8 million

2026-27: $ 58.1 million

Although Irving is only 30 years old, the long-term commitment of an out-of-court player like him can be dangerous.

2. Dedication

The Lakers are still aiming for the title with LeBron remaining in Los Angeles. Irving, with all his skill, has shown no remorse and preceded the victory. He asked for a trade from the Cavs before the 2018 qualifiers. He attacked the Boston Celtics in the 2019 qualifiers. He missed playing for the Nets shortly after the start of the 2021. Season. Nets championship window season. On the other hand, the Lakers needed their players to be vaccinated before the 2021-22 season. What if Kyrie were in LA?

Will LeBron’s presence and theme change suddenly turn Kyrie into the most intriguing player? We do not know.

3. Problems behind the scenes

The Lakers are the first to end a season that has had some internal tensions. Russell Westbrook could never respect Frank Vogel or his coaching staff. He questioned whether LeBron and AD actually made efforts to “allow Russ to be Russ”.

Aside from the problems mentioned above, Irving has not been a good co-worker. On Monday, Stephen A. Smith revealed that Irving had his own practice sessions within the Nets, with Steve Nash running his teammates.

It is possible that Darvin Ham will earn Kyrie respect and be careful about eliminating any selfish behavior. But Nash is the Hall of Fame that Irving previously honored.

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No matter how the next season will play, the Lakers will have a veteran and still a list of doubts next season. Your error rate will be very low in the middle of a strong Western Conference. If they want a good year and a real sense of belonging, shouldn’t Kyrie be the best person to bring it?

If Kyrie’s performance over the past three years has not convinced the Nets of his dedication despite his talent, why should the Lakers be confident?

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