5 Best NFT Games to Win and Invest in 2022

NFT Games are integrated into our digital entertainment media. Not only is it a great source of fun, but also a new way for players to earn good money. Knowing the gaming market in demand, there are some well-known topics that are definitely worth checking out from dedicated studios around the world. Let’s take a look at the 5 best NFT games that we think could demonstrate its potential in 2022 and how the income-generating style is promising these days.

5 Best NFT Games to Win and Invest in 2022

The following are the five best NFT projects set up to shake the status of the gaming industry:

– Axie Infinity: The name of the first level in NFT games
– Sandbox: An NFT game directed by Minecraft
– From the plant: The next RPG game of turns with great abilities
– DeFi Kingdom: NFT Game for Harvest Moon lovers
– Unlocked Gods: F2P NFT Card Game

1 – Axie Infinity

NFT Games was known by Axie Infinity. This monster-creating RPG proved that NFT games can be successful, satisfying, and most importantly, fun. The idea is simple: to breed Axie pets and breed to produce generations of animals with your family’s traits. Axes can be collected and sold within the game or on the NFT markets, with communities earning higher prices.

Quest, PvP, and Adventure are among the game’s main modes; each receives a Potion Smooth Love (SLP), a game spending coin, which is used to pay for the creation of the new Axie. Axie Infinity is a ‘normal’ game in many ways, similar to Pokemon or Digimon.

However, when your Axies are stored in a blockchain, their minimum and value can be used to earn real money. NFT games are known for their play to get a model, which can be useful when values ​​are rising, but not so much when values ​​are declining. To counteract the dynamics of the game market, Axie Infinity currently includes a free play format similar to Old Scrolls Online, where users can participate free of charge, but the design of their Beams is limited.

2 – Sandbox

Sandbox is one of the most popular NFT games, despite being a more creative platform than a game. Think of Sandbox as a Minecraft or Roblox with NFT technology, where you can play and create games and content. Only at The Sandbox can you own your own works and sell and sell them using the SAND token locally.

Game mode is on the other side of the Sandbox, where you can create your own world by adding games and activities and creating transitions within the Sandbox. You can play games, explore other people’s worlds and order content within you. The LAND token manages this and also allows players to vote on new features, tools and trends in the Sandbox.

Voxel Sandbox skins can be accessed and reminiscent of Minecraft, but there is much more you can do with it – and you control it. It is interesting to see how the players’ stories blend with those of other users to create great arrays of colorful, borderless countries. Big companies like AMC’s The Walking Dead are planning to collaborate and appear on Sandbox, similar to Fortnite.

3 – From plants

Third on the list will be From Plants, a new RPG name coming to your NFT watch list soon! From Plants is one of the most well-known examples of turns mixed with RPG style, which was originally released in April 2022 by $ PEXO. Here, players will take control of thousands of heroes of different plants in this game as they seek freedom and wealth. The aesthetic dimensions of the game and the overall designs provide an excellent gaming experience, while the enhanced game economy provides a solid foundation for the game-to-win style associated with the game, thus allowing players to earn a living at times.

Plant Exodus aims to combine the fantasy world with a variety of state-of-the-art technologies such as a real-time NFT-market NFT demonstration – a BEP-20 administration token or an automated NFTs-generated system, allowing players to interact closely . and your treasures and gacha box, as well as ensuring a visual difference of your property. The game will create an email copy of the real environment where everything is connected, allowing players to explore, connect and dive into the Exodus Metaverse Plant using their existing NFTs.

More Information on Plant Extracts:

Website | twitter | Telegram | Kati | division

4 – Kingdoms of DeFi

DeFi Kingdoms is one of the first games that takes the value of the NFTs and integrates them with the common image of dream pixels, according to Harmony, a sustainable blockchain. This game has the look and feel of a 90s SNES RPG or modern indie, similar to Harvest Moon.

DeFi Kingdoms combines the basic functionality of NFTs with the standard game structure to show how they can be used in games. DeFi Kingdoms can be played as an old school RPG, including XP fights and other items, game resource management and hero development. However, in the DeFi Kingdom, he collects JEWEL tokens, which can be converted to Harmony One cryptocurrency.

5 – Boundless Gods

Former Director of Magic: The Gathering Arena Chris Clay leads the Gods Unchained, so it’s no surprise that this free NFT card-playing card game is very similar to the hit version of the Wizards of the Coast.

The goal, similar to the MtG Arena, is to fight other players with cards and card combinations. Each card has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses that must be understood and applied. It is a well-designed strategic game where good players can win, and the value of your hand is not always the most important thing.

Gods Unchained thrives because it is free, rewards talent, and incorporates new game mechanics. Cards can be purchased and sold for real money at the Immutable X electronic money market, as well as within games and GODS tokens. GODS tokens can also be used to connect and upgrade cards to provide rare new versions, as well as to purchase card packs.

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