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You also can eat an excessive amount of protein – these signs will not be life-threatening, however vastly restrict the standard of life.


A excessive-protein food plan is trending, and proponents tout its optimistic results on well being and efficiency. Of course you might be proper. This can grow to be an issue if protein meals, particularly meat, and different vitamins are uncared for. Not solely does it have an effect on your physique, different individuals will also be affected. FITBOOK has put collectively six indicators that you could be be consuming an excessive amount of protein.

Bad breath

It’s been recognized for a very long time that once you eat a food plan that is very excessive in protein, the physique produces unhealthy odors in quite a lot of methods. Therefore, unhealthy breath that can’t be eradicated by brushing the tooth is usually a signal of consuming an excessive amount of protein. This impact is because of a metabolic state known as ketosis. Because with a view to break down all of the protein, the physique produces a chemical that smells like rotten eggs and outdated cabbage. By the way in which: The Quiet Place itself is a no-go zone for a very long time after exiting (reported by FITBOOK) due to the unhealthy scent.

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As for quiet locations: strolling there not solely stinks, but in addition exhausting work. According to the well-known Mayo Clinic publication, no intestine is blissful with out sufficient dietary fiber, which is discovered solely in plant-based mostly meals.1 A really gradual digestion course of results in constipation, which may solely be eradicated by consuming fruits, greens and complete grain bread. In different phrases, the intestine micro organism are not getting their due, which may throw the microbiome out of steadiness in the long term.


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Protein disciples want extra fluids to permit the physique to excrete extra nitrogen. Unfortunately, the physique doesn’t at all times report an elevated want throughout thirst. As a outcome, there’s a danger of dehydration, adopted by headache, lethargy and dry mouth. A small 2002 research of athletes confirmed that fluid steadiness decreased as protein consumption elevated.2 That’s why individuals on a excessive-protein food plan ought to at all times drink two massive glasses of water greater than they suppose they need to.

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Testosterone deficiency and lack of libido in males


Another signal of an excessive amount of protein: low testosterone ranges and, in consequence, restlessness in mattress. According to a latest British research, males who love protein have 37 % much less testosterone than males who eat a balanced food plan.3 If you might be planning a household on the identical time, this will also be troublesome, as a result of with this food plan, the sperm rely can be considerably lowered. Healthy testosterone ranges are additionally necessary for energy, muscle constructing and athletic efficiency. In quick: common protein overdoses usually have the alternative impact.

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Renal dysfunction

More protein means extra important amino acids, however nonetheless must be damaged down first. This leaves extra nitrogen behind. And to do away with it, the kidneys should work much more. Therefore, analysis has been performed on the query of which food plan is extra damaging to the kidneys: a low-fats food plan or a excessive-protein, low-carbohydrate food plan. After two years, it was discovered that some topics within the protein group had fluid and electrolyte imbalances or kidney filter failure.4 Ignoring these early warning indicators can result in gout. Associated deposits within the joints and tendons result in restricted motion and are very painful.

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Bad temper


A nasty temper will also be an indication of an excessive amount of protein. After all, whereas the amino acids in protein are necessary for a steady temper, the mind additionally wants carbohydrates to be blissful. This explains why having fun with pizza, chocolate, and Co. makes you are feeling higher. According to analysis, protein plenty result in temper swings and even melancholy, particularly in ladies.5 Men appear to be much less affected.


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