A 2-year-old child needs surgery after attaching the eye with a good glue

Posted on 06/20/2022 22:43

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After attaching the eye to other parts of the body with acute glue, a 2-year-old child needed specialized medical care in the Federal District public network, and was unable to do so. The accident happened last Thursday (16/6), in Ceilândia. So far the girl is awaiting surgery.

According to the child’s godmother, Lia Lucena, 54, no one really understood how the girl managed to find the product and apply it on her face. “I do not know if the glue fell off his eye or he took a tube and passed it, but it stuck right away. Apart from the eyelids, the glue reached his hands, clothes and body, ”said Lia.

And that is how the family’s despair began. On the same day, the baby was taken to de Base Hospital, but the pediatrician said there was nothing he could do to help. “The doctor said we should put Coca-Cola (soda) on the hands and face, and make a compress with warm water,” explained the baby’s godmother.

Although not satisfied with the answer, the relative returned home and performed the procedure prescribed by a specialist. But the situation worsened. On Friday (17/6), the baby’s face was swollen. Those involved decided to seek the Asa Norte Regional Hospital (Hran), however, but the attempt failed again.

“Because of the holiday, there was only one doctor attending and he said that surgery was necessary, but he could not perform surgery in Hran. In this way, he wrote a referral to Base Hospital, and we returned there,” commented Lia Lucena.

Hopefully, the third family trial was free again. “The doctor who treated us said again that it was a wait, because by Sunday the glue could come out of my daughter’s body, but of course that did not happen. On Saturday, her face was swollen and red,” added a Ceilândia resident.

Without hope

After several attempts, the family decided to send the child to a private hospital. During the consultation, the health professional who examined the baby discovered that he may have an infection in his right eye, which was swollen and red, and therefore prescribed an antibiotic.

Even with the use of medication, the baby’s eyes remain glued. The family does not know what else to do. Lia Lucena told Correio that this Monday (20/6) she returned with her daughter to Hran and Hospital de Base, but nothing happened.

“We went to two hospitals today and returned home without a solution. Since Thursday we have been traveling from Ceilândia to Plano Piloto and no one is helping us. I went to the media because I do not know what to do anymore, and my daughter is sick. Glue from the skin it came out and from the hands too, and the giver, but what shall we do with the eyes? “, asks the girl.

On the other hand

Correio sought out the Federal District Strategic Institute for Health Management (Iges-DF) to understand the organisation’s role in relation to the service provided by Base Hospital. Through letters, Iges made sure that it provided the right service. Read in full:

The DF (IgesDF) Institute for Health Care Management reports that the baby has already been evaluated by the de Base do DF Hospital (HBDF) ophthalmology team on June 16 and 17, however, it did not guide the child’s performance. This Monday, May 20, the baby is reappearing and a new assessment is already underway by the shift ophthalmology team, which will provide all the necessary services ”.

In addition, the report contacted the Federal District Health Department (SES-DF) questioning the number of doctors working in Hran, but so far, there has been no response. Space remains open.


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