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“This will be the road to hell for America.”

I will never enjoy this clip. “Clown World” has become much more than just a meme.

Here in the United States, but also in relation to Europe, we have had two tribes in the power generation industry that have been at loggerheads for the better part of the last few decades; Oil, gas and renewable energy (wind and solar specifically). One side calls for a complete phase-out of the other. While their opposition points out hypocrisy, primarily: heavy reliance on satanic resources in order to develop their operations at various stages of production, deployment, operation and maintenance – which actually increases the demand on resources that were satanic in the first place. What is the benefit of these foolish, childish attempts at slinging mud? Aren’t there too many government subsidies alone to justify the development of these renewable energy projects? Why the desire to apply purity testing to powertrain and power generation? Ignoring the difficulties of power generation efficiency and operational implementation of economical production of renewable energy projects.

It cannot be blamed that the extent to which the banner of environmental, social and governance standards has reached exceeds logic and reason. Now, the pendulum is swinging back strongly. Europe has recently given up on environmental, social and governance issues He added natural gas as “green” energy. While also yielding to the pressures imposed by reality to refer to nuclear energy as green. With proverbs Black stone, Standard & Poor’s Global, Shell abandons carbon credits strategyAnd even McDonald’s has stopped using the environmental, social and governance (ESG) narrative in both business activities and public discussion. Energy in particular is one industry that should never be politicized; We all need it, we all want it to become ever cheaper, and we all want it to be ever more abundant. There is no right or left, blue or red, black or white, north or south, who does not need energy – and certainly no one who would not benefit from the abundance of energy and the increasing availability of energy.

What about the ethical energy “conversation” that frankly feels more like crying than anything else. Reducing energy consumption only guarantees eventual degradation and ruin. Not to mention the conversations that may or may not depend on the climate catastrophe to justify it. Regardless of whether you have read Alex Epstein’s book Fossil futureWherever you stand in the “fossil fuels are destroying the planet” conversation, may I recommend that you take two actions either immediately – before continuing reading here, or immediately after reading this article:

  1. Read the February 11, 2019 statement from NASA that Asia has become greener since the continent began to see the industrialization of its largest population; Chinese and Indians. Then ask yourself, is increasing carbon content in the atmosphere so bad when it appears to be fueling an explosion of foliage? Don’t we want more plant life on this planet? Or is this just nonsense by environmentalists?
  2. Watch Tom Gallagher’s lectures which I linked in the following paragraphs. Mr. Gallagher presents a wealth of information detailing the long history of the planet’s climate and how it has changed dramatically throughout Earth’s existence. It will continue to do so, by the way. Make an explicit effort to consider how much information is taken into account and responded to by complex systems such as weather, convection, and the water cycle.

Paleoclimatology Part 1

We cannot afford to slow down energy consumption. Society is constantly striving for progress, in an infinite number of directions simultaneously. Progress requires work to be done, and it requires energy. In order to move forward, improved innovation and efficiency are required, which requires more energy to develop and consolidate those advances. It is likely that less energy will be expended on therapeutic tasks, and a greater share of effort will be directed toward developing a new way of performing a task that was previously more difficult and where skilled labor was difficult to obtain. Other cases could involve real innovation in the form of a new technology or method that enables a completely new way of working to be accomplished. We cannot afford to slow down energy consumption.

Paleoclimatology Part 2

Growth in energy consumption is a requirement for society to continue to function, let alone achieve improvements (more on this later). As with the body, if we are not constantly growing and pushing forward, crushing new limitations, we begin to rot and eventually perish. Without the struggles and growth that comes from pushing boundaries, cancers and imbalances will arise and the timeline will continue to approach extinction.

Paleoclimatology Part 3

Let’s discuss this relationship between energy availability, energy consumption and infrastructure with societal progress and the importance of energy availability, shall we? Then we will discuss some of the recent developments in technology that are laying the foundation for a true renaissance in the energy industry.

Figure 1. Source:

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the dynamics of energy consumption, not energy availability, and the relationship it has to GDP growth.

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