ADVFN News | Cardalonia Metaverse Project Integrates Adahandle Installed To Provide First Metaverse Preview

Blockchain games and metaverse have recently become popular, and these games are gradually changing the entire gaming industry with the introduction of undisclosed features such as existing blockchain tokens. Nowadays, players take advantage of blockchain concepts like NFTS to make games a source of entertainment but also a revenue stream.

As metaverse games continue to explode, developers are constantly working to improve DAO token services that transform games, while also creating more revenue opportunities for players. Cardalonia is one of those games built on the Cardano network.

Cardalonia is a play-to-get-steel project built on the Cardano blockchain. Cardalonia Metaverse is an exciting and exciting e-mail world where owners of $ LONIA DAO tokens can buy 3D NFT avatars, landing, socializing, playing games, doing business and participating in events to win prizes.

Cardalonia will allow players to build their own experiences on the metaverse. The project team aims to develop the platform in a distributed, multi-player and multi-global network system.

How does it work?

Owners of the $ LONIA Token will be able to choose where they go in Cardalonia’s ecosystem by purchasing a piece of land, which would determine which clan they come from.

There are four clans – Indigenous, Royals, Lords and Knights, and Farmers.

It is also important to note that you will need to own $ LONIA tokens before participating in the initial sale of land. Once users purchase or lease land, players can begin to design and build their own use. Cardalonia simplifies the building of players, as each area will allow full control of its game equipment.

ADAHandle Integration

Owners of $ LONIA tokens who have active membership in the Cardalonia Staking Vault may choose to display their ADA IDs on the Cardalonia Vault Leadership Board.

When the metaverse of Cardalonia is fully implemented, it intends to provide designated land to serve the community for work, leisure, and welfare purposes. In-game NFT in-game features are currently being developed and will be released soon.

Character of Cardalonia

Cardalonia has a number of features on its metaverse platform to promote the use of ecological system and provide value to consumers.


Players can create their current clans to create new clans. These new clans have unique and rare features that help increase the income of players.

Cardonia Market

This is the local NFT marketplace where consumers can list, buy and sell their Cardalonia collection items. In the market, players can buy land, buy and trade Avatars, as well as power-ups and gems within the game. The market is currently under development.


Cardalonia recently launched its own risk platform, allowing users to start placing their markers as soon as they find them. Users can get up to 25% APY on their sold tokens.

Token of LONIA

LONIA is a natural utility token that enables all transactions in the metaverse of Cardalonia. There will be a total of 100 million LONIA tokens and a strict lock policy, which means that no more tokens will be created in the future.

Those with LONIA tokens will receive a number of benefits, including access to exclusive NFT drops, throat drops, and access to unique experience, benefits and products in Cardalonia’s ecosystem. Owners may also vote on certain decisions that may affect the ecosystem of Cardalonia.

Gambling prizes are distributed through the LONIA token. Tokens are also used to make purchases and pay land taxes.

How to get $ LONIA tokens

You Early recipients Interested people can visit the token sale page to buy Lonia tokens cheaply before being listed on the exchange here

Here are the token statistics:

1 ADA = 13 $ LONIA Tokens
Sales Time = Epoch 6
Distribution of seed sales: tokens 15,000,000
Minimum purchase rate: 250 ADA

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