After an argument, Darvin Ham appears to defend Anthony Davis

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Anthony Davis was recently seen in the video admitting he has not played basketball since April 5, the last game of the regular season he was on the field.

This led to controversy among the large crowd, who criticized Davis for his off-season strategy.

However, Darvin Ham sees nothing wrong with the player staying two months without a shot, and explained why when he appeared on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

“I feel completely different. As a young man who has played for eight years in the league and has had many qualifying matches, there is a time at the end of the year where you have to take care of your body. All those efforts, jumping, running, especially when dealing with a series of injuries like Anthony , you must take time for your body, focus on your body and that’s what it does. Capturing basketball, this usually happens in the middle of summer. You can take pictures wherever you want, but in terms of hard and tedious training in court, this is usually thrown back to mid-summer.That’s the general rule for an NBA player just to get that time for his body to feel good again, to strengthen his body in different places, to improve his mobility or speed.The court will come later.You must have a tool which works to improve your game in court. “

A few days later, popular shooting coach Chris Matthews, popularly known as Lethal Shooter, posted on Twitter that he had a good practice with Davis, which was proof that the player had returned to work.

Davis dislocated his front ligament in December and dislocated the leg in February. After his second injury, he appeared in just three matches in April.

Lakers Should Not Get Answer From LeBron James Before NBA Draft

A new report indicates that it appears likely that LeBron James will commit to the Lakers in the future.

According to Bleacher Report reporter Eric Pincus, the Lakers were hoping to get a signal about the player’s intentions ahead of the NBA Draft and the start of an independent system.

“The Lakers got stuck without James’ transparency in the last period of business, and it remains that way,” Pincus wrote. “The player deserves an extension on August 4, but a lot of changes will need to happen between June and July.

“The Lakers are stuck without a promise from James, whose contract expires after the 2022-23 season. The competing executives and agents do not expect the team to receive a response from James before the draft and independent agency.”

LeBron signed with the Lakers as a free agent in 2018 and helped the team win the 2020 title.

Typically, a player who turns 38 in December may be worried about having a plan for next year. This is not the case with LeBron. The player is ready to start his 20th season and is still playing at a high level.

LeBron has spoken out about playing for any team that selects his son in the squad. However, that situation will not happen before his current contract with the Lakers expires.

Without clear signals from LeBron, the Lakers are entering the outdoor season with difficult decisions ahead.

LeBron sends a message amid doubts about his future

LeBron James may not volunteer as the Lakers after the 2022-23 season, but he clearly has a lot of motivation.

With reports that there is a strong possibility of signing a contract extension with the team ahead of the NBA draft and independent agent, LeBron left a post on his Instagram story showing how he intends to return to court in October.

“Dude, I can’t wait for autumn! So ready to come back. It’s very inspiring.”

LeBron James also posted videos of his intense training before noting that he was “crazy for his routine”.

Along with the fact that Anthony Davis is not practicing yet, something he has already explained why, LeBron at the age of 37 and being encouraged to go to court once again, is everything a fan can expect from a big star.

After a good personal season, LeBron still has plenty of gas in his tank to partner with the Lakers in search of something bigger next season.

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