An FTX scalper has moved over $17.1 million worth of ETH in the past 24 hours ScrgruppEn

According to recent information from Spot On Chain, the address associated with the FTX exploit, identified as 0x3e9, has made transfers of over 10,000 ETH, worth over $17.1 million, across five different addresses over the past day. It is worth noting that these addresses had remained inactive for several months prior to this recent activity.

Among these transactions, there was a large portion of 7,749 Ethereum, equivalent to $13 million. Orientation Towards the Thorchain router and Railgun nodes. Furthermore, the exploiter participated in a swap involving 2,500 ETH, worth $4.19 million, converting it into 153.4TB at an average rate of $27,281 per token. This address, which has recently become active, has shown noteworthy activity and is expected to continue transferring ETH, likely to Thorchain.

At the time of the initial hack on Saturday, September 30, estimated losses amounted to approximately 50,000 ETH. This incident occurred shortly before SBF’s criminal trial scheduled for October 2023.

However, these events have generated a significant amount of downward pressure on the price of ETH, which is currently maintaining a level slightly above $1,650. This situation arises when the market expects the launch of Ethereum futures ETFs on Monday, October 2.

FTX co-founder Sam Bankman Fried, known as SBF, is scheduled to stand trial in October. This comes after his arrest in the Bahamas and his subsequent extradition to the United States, several months after these events occurred.

The trial is expected to last six weeks, beginning with jury selection on October 3, followed by preliminary court proceedings on October 4. Bankman-Fried faces seven charges related to fraudulent activities, consisting of two substantive charges. charges and five counts of conspiracy.

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During the legal proceedings, the FTX founder has consistently pleaded not guilty to all allegations. Despite numerous attempts to secure temporary release, Bankman-Fried remains detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Judge Lewis Kaplan denied his latest request for release, citing concerns about his possible escape.

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