Analysis: São Paulo fully achieves its goal in Sudamericanna and could have a big dream in Brazilian | Sao Paulo

The position seemed to be only normal due to the technical quality of the Group D opponents, who did not show any difficulty in the five games played so far – except for a barren draw against Everton, from Chile, away.

Even in this case, it should be noted that the early classification of Tricolor was constructed. Knowing the limited potential of rivals, Rogério Ceni kept the actors in circulation in the South American competition. In each game he tested the players and was able to rest several pioneers.

Last Thursday, for example, names like Luizão and Thiago Couto, youngsters exposed at the base, were pioneers and left Diego Costa and Jandrei resting on the bench.

Rodrigo Nestor’s goal in the São Paulo game against Jorge Wilstermann – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

The coach’s plan was so successful that the team qualified one round early and, moreover, with the senior players resting, also managed to place themselves among the top spots in the Brazilian Championships.

With the match against Ayacucho, next Wednesday, at 19:15 (Brasília time), if the protocol, São Paulo will be able to turn its forces into a direct points match for at least two weeks. It is the team’s chance to take the lead.

That could happen as early as next Sunday, against the Corinthians. A win against an opponent, at the Neo Química Arena, will propel Tricolor to 14 points and, thus, to the top of Brasileirão. The Corinthian leader has 13 points, while the vice president Atlético-MG has 12 and one more game.

For that match, Rogério Ceni will have his top players in excellent physical form. The team’s backbone, which includes Diego Costa, Arboleda, Igor Gomes and Calleri, was spared a battle against Jorge Wilstermann. Wellington played only 45 minutes; Rafinha left early in the second half.

Rogério Ceni in São Paulo vs Jorge Wilstermann – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

The Corinthians, for their part, had a tough game against Boca Juniors, last Tuesday, in Bombonera, for Libertadores, and their athletes will be even more exhausted. São Paulo relies on this technical variation for surprises.

Taking the lead in the seventh round of Brasileirão, with a place in the round of 16 of Sudamericanna and Copa do Brasil already guaranteed, will be the crown of recurrence after disappointment in the Paulista Championship final.

After fighting against demotion in Brasileirão last year, São Paulo shows a different image in 2022, even with performances that do not please their fans. Although they do not play well in every game, the team adds victory and is strong in all aspects.

Sunday’s game against Corinthians, in a field he has never won, could be a source of great frustration for Rogério Ceni.

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