Ancelotti praises Vini Jr’s evolution and talks about talent

Real Madrid coach Ancelotti named the player who surprised him the most this season, also referring to the one who did not meet his expectations.

THE Real Madrid has a mission of Cadiz This Sunday, the 15th, for the Spanish Championship, away. Taking the tournament trophy for four rounds, the time has come for the coach Carlo Ancelotti evaluating the team’s performance and its players throughout the season during a pre-game press conference this Saturday, 14.

After building a highly competitive team, with a good team connection, but at the same time with its shining athletes one by one. Ancelotti was asked which player dropped him, and who surprised him. Without thinking much about what he was going to say, the commander immediately mentioned the Brazilian name Little Vine. as a positive step.

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“No one let me down. Everyone did their job. I was surprised by those I knew a little bit: Valverde, Rodrygo, Camavinga. Vinicius Junior did not surprise me, he had already shown this talent, now he has improved in presentation. Said the coach.

To get a sense of Vini Jr’s transformation into the merengue team, in the current season, he entered the field with 50 positions and a Real Madrid jersey, scoring 21 goals and providing 16 assistants. , similarly Courtoisfor both were given a day off.

Real Madrid coach praising Vini Jr.
Real Madrid coach praises Vini Jr (Credit: GettyImages)

In addition to that, the Real Madrid coaching staff decided to do the same with Benzema, who got a two-day break. So the three will return to work on Tuesday the 17th, and this Sunday the commander will be able to calculate the income of Cavajal, garlic and Eden Hazard collect layers and make your changes.


Ancelotti also spoke about the extension of the Belgian striker’s contract, as his contract expires in June 2024. The merengue coach said he has not yet spoken directly with the player about the matter, but knows he intends to remain on the team for dispute. of next season.

“He wants to show his quality. Hazard’s plan is clear: stay. A team like Real Madrid has a lot of games. There will be rotation. With a full squad you can go around more, everyone can get a chance. A big team is very difficult, for everyone.” , Said the technician.

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