Andreas can be released for free, but only for other teams

Manchester United have been playing hard in Andreas Pereira’s permanent talks at Flamengo. However, he may end up being “forced” to let the midfielder move to another club without earning a penny.

That’s because the English club already considers the sale of the 26-year-old’s black economic rights to the black team as a last resort to make money with him.

Andreas is on loan from United to Fla until the end of the month. The agreement stipulates that the Belgian-born Brazilian will remain in Gávea indefinitely if a payment of 10 million euros (R $ 54.1 million) is made.

But the Rio team is not ready to pay that much money to a player who has been closely monitored by fans since his total defeat in the defeat against Palmeiras in the Libertadores-2021 final.

For this reason, he has been trying for a few weeks to negotiate with the United leadership about the possibility of reducing the transfer price by at least half of the previously agreed amount. But, at least so far, the British have not paid much attention to this proposal.

“Rafael Reis Blog” found out that Andreas already knows that, even if he is not hired “for good” by Fla, he will not be part of the Manchester club squad next season. The midfielder even thought he could be used again in England because the new Red Devils manager, Erik ten Hag, had known him since the Dutch era.

But that is not what will happen. The current 18 red-black jersey is on United’s “usable” list. This means that Cristiano Ronaldo’s team is looking for a team that is willing to pay for its economic rights.

If Andreas’ condition is not resolved at the end of the European transfer window (at the end of August), then the British will be able to release him on loan or release him for free to move to another team. After all, for them, those two activities mean the same thing.

If the Brazilian’s contract with United expires in June 2023, a new one-year loan will have the same effect as a permanent transfer, as the player will not return to Old Trafford. Therefore, the risk of free loss is real.

In recent weeks there have been rumors of other clubs being able to invest in Andreas’ immediate signing, a tough club among them involving Fenerbahce, who is now coached by Portuguese Jorge Jesus, who made history for the Reds. However, this conversation has not yet turned into anything more.

Of the last five matches they have played, three of them already under the leadership of Dorival Júnior, Flamengo have won just one, against Cuiabá. In addition, it was defeated by Fortaleza, Red Bull Bragantino, Internacional and Atlético-MG.

With a series of negative results, the black club collapsed in the Brazilian Championship classification and is on the brink of relegation. In 14th place, they have just one point ahead of Goiás, 17, which opens the relegation zone.

His next three commitments will be valid for three different competitions and will play a key role in his recovery this season.

Tomorrow, Fla will visit Atlético-MG, in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil. Later, he receives América-MG, Saturday, for Série A. And, on Wednesday next week (29th), he will play for the first time in the Libertadores knockout phase, against Tolima, in Colombia.

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