announcing the new “Metaverse x GameFi” project, listing approved by the ongoing community registration campaign!

Taipei, Taiwan, December 16, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Gensokishi Online announced the launch of its official website “Gensokishi Online -META WORLD-” in December 2021.

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Gensokishi Online -Meta World- (Diagram: Business Wire)

This project is a remake of “Gensokishi Online”, which won the “Best Game of the Year, Gold Award” in 2012 in Taiwan and played by a total of 8 million users. NFT and GameFi features in the 3D MMO world.

“Gensokishi Online”, a Japanese 3D MMO brand licensed by “Elemental Knights Online”, has been trusted and validated for over 13 years in various applications, on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

In the world created by WEB3.0, Metaverse and GameFi, Gensokishi will recognize the three components of “Free to Play”, “Play to Win” and “UGC to Win”.

Anyone can open a free account and purchase and sell products and NFT tokens they purchase.

In the future, Gensocsy plans to provide “UGC (User-Produced Content)”, which will enable consumers and businesses to create and sell NFT objects, as well as the right to freely create local landscapes, objects, natural landscapes, characters and monsters in metaverse.

Gensocorty works on Polygon (MATIC), better known as the Ethereum protocol that allows players to enjoy the benefits of high performance transactions and low cost.

In addition, the program also includes the participation of key people from the video game industry.

The MV token will be on Uniswap on December 23, 2021. For more information, see the white paper.

About the Campaign

Various campaigns are underway to celebrate the Gensokishi Online ad.

Community registration campaign

The campaign continues to distribute “NFT for Small Devices” to all those joining the community by 27 December 2021.

white list

Starting December 7, Gensokishi runs a $ 10,000 Approval Campaign, and if you log in by December 19th, you will be eligible to purchase tokens worth up to $ 100 at personal sale prices.

official community

Service Summary: Gensocchies Online -META WORLD-
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese
System requirements: Computer, Android, iOS
Source: Metap from Taiwan’s Gensocheny Online Project.

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