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The Halstead brothers may have a relationship, but sometimes, it seems that their last name is the only attribute they have in common. Unfortunately, any veteran fan of Chicago PD and Chicago Med he can claim that. The fact is that Detective Jay Halstead is a police officer whose dedication to one-on-one work is reflected in his moral vision.

But, the perpetrator also lays the line outside the police station. For his part, Dr. Will Halstead, is completely different. He has always been a family member who, despite being a good doctor, is not overly strict when it comes to crossing professional and personal lines.

And as we have seen, thanks to the phenomenon of Chicago Med and PD, not out of the question for Detective Jay to appear with Drs. Funny sometimes. While the people on the show are very different, fans are questioning whether Soffer and Gehlfuss, the actors who inspire the characters, are real friends in real life. Really, this is what we know. (Through loop).

Actors are friends away from the set Chicago Med and PD?

Jesse Lee Soffer and Nick Gehlfuss have been leading their series for several years. Despite this, the stars Chicago Med and Chicago PD, colliding regularly on sets and in various locations around the city. However, instead of imitating the true stories of life, the actors seem to have a solid friendship.

This has been proven infrequently, when resting out of work. On Instagram, for example, Nick Gehlfuss, has posted several times, times in which the two actors spend time together to share different activities. One of the photos on Instagram shows Gehlfuss holding Soffer’s shoulder. Note:

In the photo, you can see the two of them at a press conference One Day in Chicago. The text says, “Love working with this person!” However, this is not the only time we see the two of them Chicago Med and Pd, they show that they are close.

Sometimes, also in Instagram, you can see Jesse and Nick watching a baseball game at Chicago’s main stadium. From the interactions that actors maintain on social networks, we can see that they are certainly very good friends in real life as well.

where to watch the series

Over time, the Chicago series has gained immense popularity for their amazing stories. However, the most popular streaming services do not own consecutive rights in Brazil. For example, Chicago Med available on Amazon Prime Video.

However, the series already has 7 seasons and in the Prime Video list only four seasons are available. For its part, the fastest and most recent way to watch series is through Universal Play, a service that can be registered in combination with Globoplay.

In this way, they are available to subscribers to Globoplay up to the sixth season of the series. However, season 7 and the one that has never been done can only be viewed if the client has a plan of R $ 42.90. The Chicago PD case is the same.

On Prime Video, you can watch the first six seasons of the series. However, the series is already in its 9th season and up to the eighth year, it can be viewed via Globoplay. On the other hand, the 9th and unprecedented season is only available to subscribers.

Turn it on Chicago Med and PD

Chicago Med and PD
Photo: Broadcast / NBC

Chicago Med is the first derivative of the Chicago Fire. This series follows an emotional story of daily chaos in a city with the most explosive hospital and a team of doctors who develop everything.

Chicago PD is a series that follows the men and women of the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department as they put themselves on the fire line to protect the community. The police station is made up of two groups: uniformed guards, patrolling the city streets; and a intelligence unit, responsible for combating major crimes — organized crime, drug trafficking, mass murder.

So, you knew that the stars of Chicago Med and PD were around?

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