Arena Planeta Boi will have a gift at NFT as a digital reminder of the event

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THE Planet of the Boi Planet will have gifts in NFT (English short for unstoppable sign) as digital memory yes event. An act that has never been witnessed promoted by Amazon Bora aims to shorten living times with bumbás fans at Arena da Amazônia, Center-South Zone of manaus.

‘Night in Parintins’ will feature a five NFT collection series for those buying tickets from party. The first NFT will be given as a gift and some can be purchased by Festival lovers.

“Our goal is to make people aware that in the ‘crypto’ world one can have real-world memory. The paper is lost. So, we wanted to make a digital record, digital memory, in the form of NFT, which is a blockchain, a record unique on a particular subject, the file becomes something unique, free of corruption “, explained the company’s CEO, Bruno. Schmidt.

Arena da Amazônia will host the ‘Arena Planeta Boi’ event. Photo: Janailton Falcão / Amazonastur

On the platform, already with NFT access, the player will receive a token where, according to Schmidt, he will be able to participate in the election, win prizes and get even closer to his object of appreciation, which, in this case. , is a Parintins concert.

“It has a very unique character. We are planning a high quality NFT, with unparalleled value and celebration for those who participate in the event,” he assured the CEO.

an act that has never happened before

Globally, the Super Bowl, the American football league in the United States, is already using NFT. However, in Brazil, this will be the first time crypto assets will be used.

To create the ‘Uma noite em Parintins’ collection, Amazon Best sought a partnership with Lifeverso, which already has a participatory platform – Life – for interaction between digital record collectors.

NFT. Photo: Disclosure

What are NFTs?

NFT is short for non-fungal sign (a fungus-free sign, in Portuguese translation). To fully understand what this technology is, it is first important to know what the terms ‘symbols’ and ‘fungible’ mean.

The token, in the cryptocurrency world, is a digital representation of assets – such as money, assets or artwork – registered on a blockchain, a technology that was born by BTC in late 2008. For example, if someone has a token of wealth, it means that you are entitled to that property or part thereof.

Disposable goods, according to the Brazilian Civil Code, are ‘non-exchangeable and other of the same type, quality and quantity’, such as a R $ 100 bill which can be replaced by two R $ 50 bills, for example.

In practice, being an undisputed token means a digital certificate of ownership that anyone can see and verify authenticity, but no one can change it.

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