Ariel Cabral reveals the post-Cruzeiro post and explains why he does not have a club

photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro

Ariel Cabral won two Brazilian Cups with Cruzeiro

Six months after leaving Cruzeiro, Ariel Cabral gave an exclusive interview to supersports in shape Where are you?. The 34-year-old midfielder revealed his current life and explained why he does not have a club.

Ariel Cabral bids farewell to crowded Cruzeiro and Mineiro; See

As soon as his contract with Cruzeiro ended, the helm moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He says he continues to prepare physically.

“I train with a coach, a physical trainer, a group of players who don’t have a club. A little bit of everything we can’t lose body shape, I still want to play more, I know I can play more football, I feel better, I care a lot too,” he said.

Read with calm

After returning to his homeland, Cabral went through a period of reading. In addition, he wanted to spend more time with his family.

“That’s the thought.

Colo-Colo, from Chile, and Cerro Porteo, from Paraguay, were some of the clubs that showed interest in signing the Argentine, according to Cabral.

“Some clubs talked to me, asking about the situation. But nothing happened, it was just words, people asking if I wanted to play, but nothing concrete,” he said.

Another factor that influenced her to remain silent was her father’s desire. The player lost his family still in 2020, while living in Brazil. However, he missed the order even more this year.

“I’m really sorry, I was very hurt emotionally, but I think when I came back here again, to be calm this year, I started to miss my dad a lot. Great pain, I thought to stay. and my family, going through it all together, ”he complained.

continuity of work

Despite prioritizing staying in Argentina in early 2022, Ariel Cabral says he has different ideas at the moment. Despite the difficulties of the market, he tends to accept a possible proposal from foreign clubs.

“Now six months after I come back I can say I’m thinking of other things, because the market is sometimes very closed to choose toys, and as time goes on, the important thing these days is to look at the market and let’s see if I go to the club, because I would go alone and leave it my family in Argentina at the moment “, he said.

Finally, the 34-year-old midfielder is refusing to retire in the coming months. He does not set a full date for that and says he is looking forward to playing football again.

“I didn’t finish my job. I missed playing a lot in those six months. Now I really want to play, I look like a 20-year-old boy, who wants to run. Usually, football. A player was born playing and never wants to quit. I really want to, and now I can’t talk “, concluded Cabral.

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