Atlético-MG could see billions of dollars in debt threaten securities projects

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Atlético-MG is going through a number of problems, the main one being off the field. After the various investments made to strengthen and win Brasileirão Serie A and Copa do Brasil in 2021, the club may be at risk of seeing its plans threatened by the cost of the project.

Bigger is the debt, the biggest in Brazilian football. According to GE’s blog’s ‘Negócios do Esporte’ blog estimates, Galo’s debts amount to R $ 1.3 billion, without a panorama so that, at least, a large portion of these values ​​can be repaid. This despite revenues in 2021 increased to R $ 47 million. much because of the prizes of the contest that it resisted.

Debt growth, which increased further from 2020, jumped from $ 830 million to a billion mark, coinciding with the start of the current athletic leadership project to invest more in the purchase of athletes while they were. seeking to solve financial problems. The priority was to bring in big names, such as the Hulk, Nacho Hernández, Guilherme Arana, Zaracho and others to get Atlético-MG back on track. All of this was funded by an investment led by businessman Rubens Menin, the club’s chief football officer.

If securities came, so did the increase in debt, which long-term values ​​have been increasing (R $ 784 million in 2021), although short-term debt has declined compared to 2020 (By 2021, these numbers are BRL 552). million). A good portion of debt comes from loans from customers to be able to invest in the purchase of upgrades.

Faced with the prospect of seeing debt increase, there is a risk of Galo seeing such a project incur losses. For this reason, the club has been looking for alternatives to this and one of them is the sale of Diamond Mall. Part of the building, located near Atletica’s headquarters, is still under the control of the team and there are sales talks, which are expected to raise up to $ 320 million to reduce huge debt.

Transforming Atlético-MG into SAF is also on the club’s agenda. The idea has recently been suggested by officials, although a practical debate has not yet been held. With club football negotiations for investors, part of the debt can also be canceled, thus reducing the impact on club accounts.

More immediate operations such as the sale of players could also be on the agenda, although such measures could lead to changes in the project on the pitch for the club to remain one of the strongest teams in Brazilian football.

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