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Atlético-MG have been moving behind the scenes to strengthen the team in the July window. The club has already announced the arrival of defender Jemerson, and submitted an agreement with the club striker Alan Kardec and now, he is also in talks to loan out midfielder Pedrinho, a former Corinthian and non-playing Shakhtar Donetsk (current club) player, from Ukraine, since December 2021.

The player is welcome to return to Brazilian football to wear the Galo shirt, where he would meet friends like Guilherme Arana, Allan and Guga. Between the club and the athlete there is already a principle of agreement and no restrictions, but business is not considered easy..

That is because Shakhtar intends to sell Pedrinho altogether, which is currently beyond Galo’s financial potential. For this reason, the first negotiations, which began in March, soon declined.. Negotiations resumed this week, especially after the news on Tuesday.

Pedrinho, on duty at Shakhtar Donetsk – Photo: Jeroen Meuwsen / BSR Agent / Getty Images

In an official statement, FIFA increased the right of foreign athletes to suspend their contracts with Russian and Ukrainian clubs until June 2023, as a result of the war between the two countries. Previously, the law was set for the 30th of this month as a limit.

The extension adds to the hopes of Atlético and Pedrinho in a free version from Shakhtar. The striker midfielders have been in direct talks with the Ukrainian club, understand that Pedrinho can no longer sit still without taking the field and is trying to sell Galo as a “big show” in Brazil, as he is a recent club champion and is still alive. all competitions in which you participate.

– They are not responsible for paying Pedrinho a salary, so there is no reason to charge a loan. With this new FIFA resolution, I think it will provide ‘good support’ – he told them ge the source linked to the athlete.

“Best de Brasileirão! Greatest offer of games at a game-giving price. Sign the First Show!”

Pedrinho arrived in Corinthians at the age of 15, in 2013, after stopping at the Vitória center. He did his first professional practice for Timão in 2017, and, little by little, succeeded. He played 134 games for São Paulo, scored 11 goals and distributed 13 assists. He was the Brazilian champion.

In 2020, he was sold by Benfica for around 20 million euros (at that time, R $ 93 million). In Portugal, however, he ended up undefeated and played only 30 matches. He was sold to Shakhtar in June last year, for 18 million euros, and has been linked with a move to the Ukrainian club. He finished the 2021/22 season with 19 games, four goals and two assists.

Pedrinho appeared before the Corinthians – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

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Galo and Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program – Photo: Disclosure

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