Atlético-MG vs Atlético-GO: see where to look, waste, rank and referee | Brazilian Series a

This Saturday, Atlético-MG hosts Atlético-GO, in Independência, at 19:00 (Brasília time), for the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship. Both teams come out on top in the competition and will give everything to get points again. Galo, the most popular for technical quality and home cause, will have the return of striker Hulk.

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Atlético-MG are drawing 1-1 with Bragantino in an early 7th round, midweek game. In sixth place in the table, with 9 points, Galo lives four consecutive games without winning the competition. There are three draws and one defeat, a series in which the club has not had a problem since 2020.

After qualifying for the last 16 of the Copa do Brasil after beating Cuiabá on penalties, Atlético-GO is focusing on Serie A and looking for its first win in the competition. Dragon is in contention for just three points in five rounds and expects to be touched in Brasileirão.

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Atlético-MG – Coach: Antônio Mohamed

The main news in Galo is the return of the Hulk, who served a suspended suspension against Bragantino. The striker should form the two facing Keno, with Ademir on the bench. The injuries are due to the Dodô side (knee injury) and Mariano (thigh swelling) and forward Eduardo Vargas (thigh injury). Diego Godín, who was out of the past few matches due to bodybuilding work, is expected to be re-listed.

Possibility of array: Everson; Guga, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan, Yairi and Nacho; Zaracho, Keno and Hulk.

Who’s out here: Mariano (edema), Vargas (paja) and Dodô (knee)

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May Atlético-MG versus Atlético-GO – Photo: ge

Atlético-GO – Coach: Umberto Louzer

With Jorginho detained, Wellington Rato should be reinstated as a midfielder. With that, Churín takes a clear position in command of the attack. On the left wing, there is doubt between Luiz Fernando and Léo Pereira.

Possibility of array: Ronaldo; Hayner, Edson, Ramon Menezes and Jefferson; Baralhas, Marlon Freitas and Wellington Rato; Shaylon, Churin and Luiz Fernando (Leo Pereira)

Who’s out here: Jorginho (suspended) and Dudu (left ankle injury)

execution: Decks by Leo Pereira

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the possibility of home stadium Atlético-GO team against Galo – Photo: ge

  • Judge: Anderson Daronco (RS)
  • Assistant 1: Rafael da Silva Alves (RS)
  • Assistant 2: Michael Stanislau (RS)
  • Fourth Judge: Michel Patrick Costa Guimaraes (MG)
  • VAR: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)

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