Atlético-MG vs Flamengo: see where to look, ranks, extravagance and referee | Brazil Cup

In a new competitive chapter, Atlético-MG and Flamengo will play, this Wednesday, the second game in a row of the week. This time, they are opening a dispute in the top 16 of the Copa do Brasil. The ball rolls around Mineirão at 21:30 (Brasília hours) for the classic national game, worth R $ 3.9 million for passers-by.

In the weekend’s clash, Atlético won, also Gigante da Pampulha, 2-0, against Brasileirão. Now, in the knockout round, whoever wins the winner gets a chance for a rematch, in Maracanã, on July 13th.

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Atlético ended a four-match unbeaten streak without a win and a win over Flamengo on Sunday. That pressure, especially for coach Antonio Mohamed, was eased by the team’s safe and consistent game. Now, Galo returns to Mineirão with more confidence to face the Carioca team, but he still needs to score a good series.

Flamengo’s careless performance last Sunday against Galo led to a change in the team. In the final training session before the Copa do Brasil match, Dorival Júnior replaced Ayrton Lucas and Vitinho, who were replaced by Filipe Luís and Willian Arão.

Flow: TV Globo, narrated by Luís Roberto with comments from Roger Flores and Fábio Júnior; and Sportv / Premiere, narrated by Luiz Carlos Júnior with comments from Henrique Fernandes and Pedrinho.

Atlético-MG – Coach: Antônio Mohamed

Atlético-MG has a significant deficit against Flamengo in Mineirão. In the previous match, midfielder Jair broke his left arm and has already undergone surgery. His place will be taken by Otávio, in what should be the only change from Sunday’s column. The good news is the return of Savinho, who ended his suspension due to Covid-19 and was released. Character is he sitting on the bench with Vargas placed as the founder.

Possibility of array: Everson; Mariano, Nathan Silva, Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan, Otávio and Nacho Fernandez; Eduardo Vargas, Hulk and Keno.

Who’s out here: Zaracho and Jair (medical department) and Dodô (transition)

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Atletico-MG goes against Flamengo – Photo: ge

Flamengo – Coach: Dorival Júnior

After Flamengo left Atlético-MG very well to build in the attacking midfield last Sunday, Dorival Júnior decided to strengthen the midfield and change left-back behavior. He switched forward Ayrton Lucas and replaced Filipe Luís, who is better defensive. Willian Arão came in to provide extra help in the middle to qualify from and share the warehouse with João Gomes, who was overwhelmed in the previous game.

Possible squad: Diego Alves, Matheuzinho, Rodrigo Caio, Pablo and Filipe Luís; Willian Arão, João Gomes, Andreas Pereira and Everton Ribeiro; Arrascaeta and Gabriel.

Who’s out here: Bruno Henrique (multiple sclerosis) and David Luiz (recovering from swelling in his right thigh).

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Check out Flamengo’s game against Atlético-MG – Photo: ge

  • Judge: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (FIFA / SP)
  • Assistant 1: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (FIFA / SP)
  • Assistant 2: Miguel Cataneo Ribeiro da Costa (SP)
  • Fourth Judge: Paulo Cesar Zanovelli da Silva (MG)
  • VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro (RN)

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