Atlético x Flamengo This Sunday will set a record in the new Mineirão – Rádio Itatiaia

Atlético and Flamengo This Sunday (19), at 4pm, in Mineirão, for the 13th round of Brasileirão, which will mark the return of the classical public to Gigante da Pampulha, will have a much larger audience. stadium since reopened, in February 2013.

There are already ten seasons played at the new stadium, built for the Confederations (2013) and the World Cup (2014), but during this period it received only five matches between Atletica and Flamengo. And two of them went behind closed doors, because of the new coronavirus epidemic.

A 4-0 defeat, on November 8, 2020, and a 2-1 victory, July 7 last year, both for Série A, took place on the field.

Thus, only three fights between rivals in the new Mineirão had spectators. And the highest attendance was recorded on October 29, 2016, when 48,157 people saw a 2-2 draw.

This Saturday (18), Atlético, the home team, reported that 55,982 tickets available for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship have been sold.

Thus, for the first time Gigante da Pampulha will receive more than 50,000 people in the game between Galo and Urubu since its renovation, which ended in February 2013.


With this, the average general audience of the confrontation in Mineirão will increase. In 44 matches between Atlético and Flamengo on the field, since its opening in 1965, 1,721,299 fans paid for tickets, and four matches have not been included in this account.

In addition to the Serie A games of 2020 and 2021, without spectators because of this tragedy, on May 1, 1972 and 1980 they faced open doors, as they were a reminder of the friendship of Labor Day.

The average spectator of the match at Gigante da Pampulha is 43,032. In the piece of old Mineirão alone, it is 43,281. In the new, very close to that, 39,962.

If 55,982 tickets are sold this Sunday, the average attendance of Atlético x Flamengo, in the new Mineirão, will be higher than the old ones, with 43,967.


Throughout its history, Mineirão had only 16 games and over 100,000 paid players. Ten of them were formerly between Atlético and Cruzeiro.

Aside from the conflict between the two rivals, only one game that appears twice on the list, is Atlético x Flamengo. On February 4, 1987, in Brasileirão’s best 16 rematch of 1986, Galo won 1-0, a Nelinho goal, in front of 107,497 players.

Most of Gigante da Pampulha’s spectators at the one-club match in the city were Atlético 2 x 1 Flamengo on February 13, 1980. In this friendly match, which beat Alvinegro 2-1, there were 115,142 fans.

A new chapter of this traditional style marked by the public will be written this Sunday with a record of the confrontation in the new Mineirão being introduced.

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