Bahia vs Athletico: see where to look, ranks, extravagance and referee | Brazil Cup

Bahia and Athletico will face each other on Wednesday, in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil. The match will start at 19:30 (Brasília time) and will be played at the Fonte Nova Arena. O ge follows everything in Real Time, with videos of the main stages of the fight (see here).

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The North East champion in 2021, Bahia secured a direct place in the third round of the Copa do Brasil. To oust Azuriz and advance to the round of 16, however, he suffered greatly and needed a penalty to defeat his opponent. In Serie B, the situation is much better. The Bahia team ranks third with 25 points, five more than fifth, Sport.

Athletico come from nine unbeaten games, between Série A and Libertadores, with six wins and three draws. In the Copa do Brasil, the Hurricane started straight in the third round as the South American champion and defeated Tocantinópolis with a 5 to 2 victory (away) and 4 to 0 (home).

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Bahia – Coach: Guto Ferreira

From Chapecoense’s starting line-up, in the final round of Serie B, coach Guto Ferreira will not be able to rely on striker Rildo, who played for the Copa do Brasil for another team. With that, Raí Nascimento and Vitor Jacaré are vying for a place in the offensive industry. In the middle, Rezende returns to the team.

Possibility of array: Danilo Fernandes; Douglas Borel, Ignacio, Luiz Otávio and Djalma Silva; Rezende, Patrick de Lucca [Lucas Mugni] and Daniel; Raí (Vitor Jacaré), Davó and Rodallega.

A possible Bahia team will face Athletico-PR – Photo: ge

Who’s out here: Marco Antônio (medical department); Rildo, Didi and Emerson Santos (played in other club competitions).

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Athletico – Coach: Felipão

The athletic coach is in charge of midfielder Hugo Moura and left-back Abner, who were suspended over the weekend by Brasileirão. Pablo Siles and Pedrinho leave the team. Still in the middle, there is doubt between Christian and Matheus Fernandes. On the other hand, striker Marcelo Cirino felt his thigh again and was gone. The expectation is that Pedro Rocha, who has been out of Serie A for not finishing seven games, will start the match.

the possibility of an array: Benedict; Khellven, Pedro Henrique, Nico Hernández and Abner; Hugo Moura, Christian (Matheus Fernandes) and David Terans; Cuello, Pedro Rocha and Pablo.

Probably Athletico vs Bahia – Photo: ge

who is out: Orejuela and Vitor Roque (already played in the tournament); Thiago Heleno, Kawan, Julimar, Reinaldo, Marlos, Canobbio, Vitinho and Marcelo Cirino (medical department).

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  • Judge: Braulio da Silva Machado (SC / Fifa)
  • Assistant: Alex dos Santos (SC)
  • Assistant 2: Thiaggo Americano Labes (SC)
  • Fourth Judge: Marielson Alves Silva (BA)
  • Video Judge: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa (RJ)

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