Ben Simmons Case Can Make NBA Take Action About Negotiation


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, in an interview with ESPN correspondent Malika Andrews, said he wants players and teams to honor their contracts to the end.

“From a league perspective, we want teams to honor contracts, we want players to honor contracts,” he said. “No doubt we will sit down and talk about it, I know we can do better, I know the players want to do better because it’s not an individual game, so if a player forces them to leave the city, it has a huge impact on all other players.”

Although the NBA has seen many senior players use their influence to force business into the modern NBA, Ben Simmons has undoubtedly taken it to a new level this past season.

Simmons, in his sixth and second season of a five-year contract, worth $ 177.2 million, applied for a deal from the Philadelphia 76ers last season after the Sixers lost in the Eastern Conference semi-finals for the third time in four seasons.

While The Sixers could not find a plan that was good for the team, Simmons did not report to the training camp. Although he returned to the team in October, he was asked to stop training for lack of effort, was suspended and remained out until he was sold to Brooklyn Nets by James Harden in February.

As a recent example, Anthony Davis was in the final year of his contract in 2019 when he forced a deal with the Lakers, leaving behind the Pelicans team that had only played knockout matches twice in their career.

James Harden was in his second year of a four-year extension worth $ 171 million when he forced a deal with the Brooklyn Nets at the start of the 2020-21 season. This came after general manager Daryl Morey and head coach Mike D’Antoni resigned, amid back-to-back rumors that the Rockets Championship window may be closed.

Simmons certainly won that style. The Sixers still seemed to be crowned contenders, with Joel Embiid, the second winner of the MVP race, and a third-place winner, Tobias Harris, on the list. The Sixers were in the off-season every year Simmons played there.

We will see what commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA will do about these cases going forward.

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