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Doosan second year baseball player Choi Cheung-yong received his first opening blow on his birthday. He was selected as a season opener and won after 3 games. Detailed story will be shared by author Lee Do-seong and this morning (12).

You should enjoy the first success you had in your introduction.


Choi Cheung-yong was born on May 11, 2001.

On the 21st anniversary of his birth, he won the first match of his career.

Since the end of last month, he has played three times as a substitute for foreign player Miranda, who disappeared with a shoulder injury.

Yesterday he unleashed a goalless shot by firing a slider and forkball into a crack kick at a top speed of 145km / h.

He threw 88 balls in 6 innings, the most since he joined the ranks and layout.

Choi Cheung-yong, who is 190 inches tall, has a flexible shooting position and excellent control skills, so during pre-season training, former coach Seon Dong-yol said, for you.

The Dozen Batters gave Choi Seung-yong his first win in his first match, scoring five points and winning nine times, including the home run of Shin Chung-hyun for the first time in three years.

[최승용/두산 베어스 : 오늘 제 생일인데 선배님들 다 열심히 해주셔서 최고의 생일 선물을 받은 것 같습니다. 엄마가 선발승을 엄청 기대하셨거든요. 이룰 수 있어서 좋았고, 엄마 아빠 사랑합니다.]


In the American Hockey Premier League, is there a rare event where a pitcher throws the ball at a speed of 87 miles per hour and hits home runs across the board?


Los Angeles Angels opening player Reed Deadmouth caught the eye after winning the ‘No Hit’ game in nine innings against Tampa Back, but one incident caught my eye.

Brett Phillips, who was on the hill of Tampa Bay, behind 0-8 in 8th place, hit the ball at a speed of 80km / h.

I have been playing baseball for about 10 years as a member of the community.

Because Phillips is a defender, he is not a professional throwing ball.

Naturally, he was hit by shooters, and right-hand Anthony Renton also hit his left hand and hit home run.

It could be called a fan service, but Tampa Bay wrote on social media that “it is special to see a player playing with enthusiasm like this” and “I hope fans will enjoy it.”

It was added that it was ‘about pitcher Brett Phillips’, but he was described as criticizing Randon for scoring the first goal.


The American Golf League PGA has decided to ban its players from participating in the Saudi League, and is there any objection?


A series of Direct Golf Invitations will take place in London, England starting next month.

The Saudi Golf League is promoted by Saudi Arabia’s Wealth Fund.

The PGA said on its website: “We have informed the players who have asked to be refused.”

According to PGA rules, players must register 45 days before participating in a non-PGA tournament, but this was rejected.

The next Saudi league will be held eight times until October, and the prize money is bigger than the big game, and even if you are the last of 48 players, you can get over 150 million wins. On top of our money.

To date, 170 people have registered to participate, but Greg Norman, head of Liv Golf, argued that the “PGA Tour maintains an illegal monopoly” and “a decision against players and fans.”

Since last year, the PGA Tour has announced that “players participating in the Saudi League will be permanently expelled”.


Our football team is preparing for the qualifier against Brazil next month, and are better players like Neymar coming?


The Brazilian Football Federation yesterday announced the list, and it is certainly a prestigious body that deserves to be at the top of FIFA standards.

Twenty-four of the 27 players on the list, including Neymar, Vinicius and Rodrigo, who beat Real Madrid this season, play in the top five European leagues.

Our team has faced Brazil 6 times so far and recorded 1 victory and 5 losses.

Only once in 1999 did they win 1-0.

In the most recent match of 2019, they lost 0-3.

The title race will take place on the 2nd of next month.

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