Biro scored three times and the Corinthians stole Internacional for Brazilians under 20

After 16 days without playing in the tournament, the Corinthians returned with a promise for the Brasileirão Sub-20 this Tuesday. For the second round of the tournament, Timãozinho visited Internacional and won by 5 to 0. The goals were scored by Guilherme Biro, three times, and Arthur Sousa twice.

The performance of the Corinthians calendar was mainly due to the afternoon inspired by midfielder Guilherme Biro. Timão’s No. 10 player scored the team’s first three goals in the playoffs. In one of them, he even covered the Internacional goalkeeper with a beautiful corner kick.

With that victory, Corinthians earned their first points in this edition of the Brazilian Championships. Now, the Danilo-trained team has been established as the vice leader of Group B of the competition.

Write, Faithful! The Corinthians will return to the field by category next Sunday, also to Brasileirão. The rival at the time was Atlético-GO, away from home, at 10 a.m.



Coach Danilo did not have five of his best players. Cases of Wesley, Giovane, Matheus Araújo, Felipe Augusto and Robert Renan.

Despite this, the Corinthians went to the field and Kaue; Leo Mana, João Pedro, Murillo and Vitor Meer; Zé Vitor, Ryan and Bureau; Pedrinho, Kayke and Arthur Sousa.

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First time

The Corinthians started the game set on coach Danilo’s 4-3-3 tradition. In this formation, Guilherme Biro opened to the right and left to Kayke’s left. The central route was occupied by Pedrinho, the most stable, with a pair of limbs, and Zé Vitor and Ryan Gustavo.

In three minutes, the Corinthians were able to bring danger to the opponents’ gate for the first time. Defender Murillo did a fine tackling on the defensive line and led the ball into the attacking field. When pressed, Timão’s defender left Arthur Sousa in front of the gate, who finished, but stood by the goalkeeper.

The defender, appeared to be ready to score this Tuesday. Nine minutes later, Murillo received a midfielder and finished strong, in the hands of goalkeeper Anthoni.

Timão’s defense needed to work for the first time in the 15th minute of the first half. In a step built by the left side, Jhonatan Kauan managed to finish alone inside the area. In that request, goalkeeper Kauê had a positive response and made a defensive line.

In the 25th minute, Timão jumped forward on the scoreboard with a fine goal. The game started still on the defensive line by exchanging good passes with defenders. Ryan received in the middle of the field and introduced Pedrinho, who recently distributed Kayke. Timão’s No. 7 left Biro ahead of goal, opening the scoring.

Minutes later the Corinthians’ goal had little impetus for each side in creating games. The hottest action came in the 37th minute, a foul committed by Zé Vitor. The players of the Rio Grande do Sul team were outraged by Ryan Gustavo, who stopped the tender by throwing the ball to the opposing player. Timão’s two steering wheels were yellow.

In 40 minutes, another opportunity opened up for the Corinthians. Guilherme Biro made a good pull from the right side and sent it back. In that sequel, he introduced Ryan, facing the gate, who hit hard, but saw the ball being cut by the Internacional guards on the way towards the gate.

The Corinthians had two clear opportunities to expand the score at half-time. Kayke fired Arthur Sousa in depth, who left the goalkeeper behind with a fine dribble. With the goal open, a central striker from Timão hit the post. The bureau still managed to finish on the rebound, but was blocked. Thus, the first period ended with 1 to 0 for the Corinthians.

The second time

The Corinthians returned with the intention of expanding the score in the second half. And it managed to do it in the first minute of the final stage. Guilherme Biro received the right turn, away from the goal. The 10 jerseys, however, did not fear the distance and kicked in place, covering the goalkeeper, on the sidelines. The main goal is to expand the score for Timão.

For the benefit of the two goals, naturally, Timão gradually withdrew from defense. Internacional, therefore, began to control ownership and create many risky positions. In one of them, Léo Mana was able to intervene in a bid that would produce the first goal for the Rio Grande do Sul team in the game.

Even in the shame of offensiveness, the Corinthians did not leave the effectiveness of the first period aside. In one of the few attacks, Kayke was fired by Pedrinho and taken to Guilherme Biro. The 10th Corinthians kicked hard and broke the defensive line and scored his third goal of the match. Timão progresses to 3-0.

The heavy grass, driven by heavy rains in Alvorada, Rio Grande do Sul, began to tire some Corinthians players. Danilo, therefore, promoted the entry of Breno Bidon instead of Kayke, filling his midfield even further.

And the exchange, for 27 minutes, had a practical effect. Once again attacking in transition, Breno Bidon received a midfielder and threw it at Arthur Sousa. The Timãozinho striker, with a high degree of composure, let the Internacional goalkeeper down and scored Corinthians’ fourth goal at the Morada dos Quero-Queros stadium.

If the Corinthians ‘players’ play was a real show aside, in goal, it wouldn’t be any different. Goalkeeper Kauê even performed a miracle in the 34th minute of the second half, with kiki being sidelined.

And that victory was only strengthened in the 47th minute of the second half. While the match already seemed to be hateful, Juninho found Breno Bidon in the middle. Timão midfielder left Arthur Sousa in front of goal and scored the fifth goal for Danilo’s team. 5-0 final for Corinthians against Internacional.

Internacional Fact Sheet 0 x 5 Corinthians

Competition: Brazil Under-20 Championships
Location: Morada dos Quero-Queros Stadium, Alvorada, RS
Date: June 21, 2022 (Tuesday)
When: 15:00 (from Brasilia)
Judge: Jonathan GiovanellaVivian
Assistants: Fabricio Lima Baseggio and Mara Mastella Moreira
goals: Guilherme Biro (triple), Arthur Sousa (double) (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Rangel and Matheus Dias (International); Kau, Z Vitor, Vitor Meer, Ryan and Pedrinho (Corinthians)

INTERNATIONAL: Anthony; Allan Aniz, Joo Pedro, Lucas Ryan and Lukayan (Vinicius Souza); Rangel and Jhonatan Kauan (Vitinho); Matheus Dias, Lucca (Junior) and Alisson; Gustav.
Technician: Joo Miguel

CORINTHIANS: Kau; Lo Mana, Joo Pedro, Murillo and Z Vitor; Vitor Meer, Kayke Ferrari (Breno Bidon) and Guilherme Biro (Juninho); Arthur Sousa, Ryan (Riquelme) and Pedrinho (Leo Agostinho).
Technician: Danilo

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