Brazil accelerates, overturns Serbia and reacts to the League of Nations | volleyball

The answer needed to be immediate. And, a few hours after Italy’s defeat, Brazil responded in the best possible way. Against Serbia, another opponent at the time, the appointment of José Roberto Guimarães did not provide an opportunity for a new fall at Nilson Nelson’s gym, in Brasília. Strong from the start, the team overturned the opponent by 3 sets to 0, sections 25/21, 25/9 and 25/21.

Best Serbian Events 0 x 3 Brazil and the Women’s Volleyball League

It was the final qualifier in the second round of the League of Nations. With three wins and one defeat in Brasília, the team remains strong in the fight to determine the final round of the tournament. In total, there are six wins and two defeats so far.

National team celebrates points against Serbia – Photo: Wander Roberto / Photos / CBV

Next week, the team will practice in Barueri, before heading to Bulgaria in the final stage of classification. In Sofia, Brazil will face China, South Korea, Bulgaria and Thailand, between June 29 and July 3. See the League table.

Too bad on the pitch against Italy, Brazil secured their victory this Sunday through a barrier. On Saturday, it was only five points. Against Serbia, the selectors scored 19 matches in total. Carol, and six, Kisy and Pri Daroit, and five each, were the highlights.

In overall results, Gabi, Pri Daroit and Kisy, with 14 points, were the best scorers. Carol, 13, followed closely behind. Bjelica, on the other hand, with eight points, was the main name of the powerless Serbia.

The highlight of the match was the presence of the Italian national team players on the training ground. Even without a game scheduled for this Sunday, Paola Egonu and other allies insisted on watching the match between the two main rivals in the League.

Italian national team supports Brazil and Serbia – Photo: João Gabriel Rodrigues

Set 1 – Stable, Brazil starts at the front

Kisy’s error even opened the calculation on the other side. But, in need of a touchdown in the League, Brazil came to court with another position. It was the beginning of equality, it is true. But, unlike the previous day, the nominee knew how to take advantage. In Gabi’s shot, he scored 8/5 and opened the gap immediately. Barriers, ineffective against Italians, also emerged. That’s how Kisy rode to stop the Serbian attack and score 10/6.

Kisy launches attack in Brazil match against Serbia – Photo: André Coelho / FIVB

In a moment of carelessness, Serbia responded with a withdrawal, narrowing the gap to just one point (10/9). But it was short-lived. By touching the Bjelica net, the results rose to 14/10. Opponents even threatened to retreat at other times. The choice of house, however, remained consistent. On Kisy’s block, he scored 20/16 and distributed the victory in a set. Finally, the block from Pri Daroit issued the final numbers: 25/21.

Set 2 – Brazil treads and expands the lead

After returning to court, Brazil gained momentum. Without breaking a sweat, he soon scored on the board: after another Kisy block, 8/1. At the time, Serbia seemed powerless. In Carol’s two consecutive barriers, profits jumped to 19/8. Elections are not limited. With a hit from Kisy, he widened the gap to 20/8.

Pri Daroit attackers Serbia – Photo: Wander Roberto / Photoshoot / CBV

Brazil played loosely. In the chaos of the crowd, he did not give up at all for any response. Blocking was the team’s main weapon at the time – before the end of the episode, it already had 14 points. Finally, Ace from Carol closed the account: 9/25.

Set 3 – Serbia play hard, but Brazil score

Serbia wanted to respond after returning to court. At first, he started forward and opened 9/6. But Brazil went in search of it. In an attack of opponents, everything is OK on the scoreboard. The turn came when Pri Daroit blocked it, opening 13/12 on account. The game remained balanced. But, even in the worst of times, the selection remained consistent.

In Diana’s block, the selection closed 17/15, and the gymnasium exploded. Serbia even tried to stay in the fight. But, by authority, Brazil established itself. From then on, he never gave his opponents a chance. In the Gabi attack, it opened 19/16. It didn’t take long for the home team to score: with another shot from Gabi, 25/21.

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