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The government recently announced that more than 214 million Brazilians will soon use blockchain technology for digital identity.

Rio de Janeiro, Goiás and Paraná will be the first states to issue identity documents on-chain through a private blockchain developed By Serpro, Brazil’s national data processing service. The entire country should be able to issue identity documents through blockchain technology by November 6, according to a decree issued on September 25.

According to Alexander Amorim, President of Serpro, the immutability and decentralization of blockchain technology made it an ideal technology for the country’s digital ID project:

“Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in protecting personal data and preventing fraud, providing a more secure digital experience for Brazilian citizens. The use of the b-Cadastros blockchain platform greatly enhances the security and reliability of the National Identity Card project.”

According to the local government, the national ID project is crucial in targeting organized crime and allowing government sectors to work together, providing a simpler way to access services, and streamlining administrative records. The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, revealed a similar initiative, allowing residents to access identity documents via a digital wallet.

Over the past few years, Brazil has been working to standardize ID issuance across its approximately 30 states. The newly approved technology will allow for more secure data exchange between the Federal Revenue Service and government departments, the announcement said.

Another important development in the country is the upcoming Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The government released more information about the project in August, renaming the digital currency to Drex.

According to previous reports, the central bank plans to expand business access to capital through a tokenization system linked to Drex. Drex’s code was discovered to allow a central authority to freeze funds or reduce balances, according to a local developer.

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