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Bitcoin (BTC) starts a new week, a new month, and a new quarter with a strong upward move above $28,000.

The largest cryptocurrency welcomes “Uptober” in style with its best weekly close since mid-August – what lies ahead next?

After Bitcoin’s mixed price action in September, market participants were prepared for a potentially volatile monthly close, but in the end, it ended in bulls’ favor.

Since October often sees tangible gains in Bitcoin prices, excitement is brewing about what might happen in the coming weeks.

Macroeconomic stimuli may not provide the answer immediately, as October begins with a quiet phase for macro data in the United States, with the government avoiding a last-minute shutdown.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin fundamentals have yet to reflect the rise in the spot price, with mining difficulty due to actually falling at the next automated adjustment on October 2.

Cointelegraph takes a look at these topics and more in our weekly summary of upcoming BTC price catalysts.

Bitcoin bulls acknowledge the risks of a Bitcoin price reversal

Leading up to the weekly close on October 1, Bitcoin had already passed the end of the September monthly candle – with little overall volatility.

That all changed at the end of the week, with a sudden growth spurt that brought Bitcoin’s price action down to just under $28,000. In the hours that followed, new local highs of $28,451 appeared on Bitstamp.

Since the beginning of October 1, the largest cryptocurrency has risen more than 5%, according to data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView Confirms.

BTC/USD one-hour chart. Source: Trading View

The move provided Bitcoin’s highest weekly close since mid-August, negating the weaker performance seen since then.

“Bitcoin is at $28,000,” said Michael van de Poppe, CEO and founder of MNTrading. Tell X subscribers per day.

“The price may pull back completely, but the trend is clearly up. Every Bitcoin consolidation will be a period where altcoins start to follow Bitcoin’s path. This quarter will be interesting!”

Likewise, popular trader Skew flagged the potential for a pullback, using exchange order book trends as a guide.

“The order book is very broad here in terms of available liquidity/convenience.” to explain Per day.

“A greater price reaction is coming from this IMO, which leads to more liquidity of demand on spot order books; meaning there is more volume for spot buyers to clear between $28K and $29K (market structure shift).”

BTC/USD one-day chart with 200-week simple moving average (SMA). Source: Trading View

He added that the drive to determine which direction the market is headed now falls on the shoulders of spot traders.

Keith Allan, co-founder of Resource Watch Indicators, to publish A screenshot of the Binance order book, showing $28,000 as the main hurdle to overcome immediately after the move.

Bitcoin, it is He addedIt was now facing resistance in the form of the 200-week moving average, at the time of writing at around $27,970.

“I expect another wave of resistance this month, but since I’m still in ‘buy the dip, sell the rip’ mode, I’ll stick to these rules, make quick money and look for the next setup,” part of the accompanying caption read.

“Volatility is expected to continue over the next 24 hours.”

BTC/USD order book data for Binance. Source: Keith Allan/X

Classic “Uptober?”

Bitcoin’s strong start to October puts it at odds with last year’s scenes.

As Cointelegraph reported, the 0.7% decline heralds the beginning of what is statistically the strongest month for gains in Bitcoin prices.

A surprising side month followed, culminating in the FTX crash that sent cryptocurrency markets plunging to two-year lows later in the fourth quarter.

This time – so far – looks different, and more like the classic “Uptober” of years past. According to data from monitoring resources Queen GlassBTC/USD has not finished October lower than it started it since 2018.

Monthly BTC/USD returns (screenshot). Source: Coinglass

While discussing the topic, popular market commentators were happy to channel the spirit of 2021 – a year in which Q4 saw not a multi-year low, but a new all-time high for Bitcoin.

Popular trader Gilly went further, suggesting that Bitcoin was in the midst of a more significant trend change.

“Bitcoin has broken its mid-term downtrend, retested it, and is now starting the next leg higher.” Announce Along with an illustrative diagram.

“A strong weekly close is behind us, most charts look like we will go higher this week. Welcome to Uptober.

Annotated chart of BTC/USD. Source: Geely/X

Previously, Jelle, like Van de Poppe, argued that this month could see BTC/USD Prime exceeds $30,000 For the first time since June.

“Eight out of the last 10 days of October were positive for Bitcoin,” said popular analytics account Stack Hodler. books in part of his own analysis on October 1, noting that on average, the return during that period was 22%.

Difficulty due to breaking from a standard level

In a shift from what has become the norm in recent months, Bitcoin network fundamentals do not mimic the bullish sentiment in spot markets.

Latest estimates from data source Conversely, difficulty is set to decrease by 0.7% at the next auto-adjustment on October 2.

Bitcoin network basics overview (screenshot). Source:

Currently, at all-time highs, difficulty recently rose by approximately 6% at a time when Bitcoin’s price performance is decidedly uncertain.

Competition among miners remains fierce, Cointelegraph reported in September, and hashrate spikes underscore the ever-changing environment as miners make long-term commitments to the network in the name of profitability.

With the hash rate – the estimated processing power deployed on the network – also higher than ever, the classic mantra “price follows hash rate” is back in play.

Not everyone adheres to this statement, with some of the most respected names in Bitcoin arguing that the opposite is true – that the hash rate actually follows the price.

Among them is Jameson Loeb, co-founder and CTO of bitcoin storage company Casa.

in Blog post Released over the weekend, Loeb revealed the results of its efforts to predict hash rate more accurately.

“By mixing several hash rate estimates and weighting them based on the most recent estimates with a variety of time frames for later data, we were able to fairly easily improve the block 1100 estimate, reduce the average error rate by 13%, and reduce the standard deviation by 14%,” Summarize.

Depends on Resources used,Hash rate values ​​can vary widely, with only the general trend clearly visible to observers.

Raw Bitcoin hash rate data (screenshot). Source: MiningPoolStats

Fed spokesmen top macro notes

While Bitcoin excitement is building in the first week of October, the same cannot be said for US macroeconomic data, which is set to be a quieter start to the month.

Arguably the week’s major potential event has already happened, as lawmakers avoid a last-minute government shutdown.

Ukrainian aid was the sticking point, which was removed in order to reach an agreement between the two sides.

Turning to the month’s forecasts, the source of financial commentary, Al Qubaisi’s message focused on comments coming from officials at the Federal Reserve.

Ahead of the next meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to decide on interest rate policy on November 1, markets will continue to monitor official language for clues.

“The next Fed meeting will be held in exactly one month. With 13 Fed speakers this week, we expect more volatility.

Latest data from CME Group Feedwatch tool Shows mixed feelings about what the FOMC will decide. The market is currently placing the odds of interest rates remaining at current levels at 62%.

Fed interest rate target probability chart. Source: CME Group

The analysis turns positive on the liquidity of the dollar

Meanwhile, considering the macro phenomenon associated with it, financial commentator Tedtalksmacro pointed out the liquidity trends in the US and their impact on Bitcoin price movement in the future.

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The relationship between global liquidity and the performance of risk assets is well documented – especially in light of the volatility occurring since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Late last week, Tedtalksmacro showed a discrepancy between net USD and BTC/USD liquidity.

In the accompanying analysis, he said that measuring delta over “explicit liquidity” gives a better view. Regarding Bitcoin’s future outlook, he was complimentary.

“More importantly, the path of least resistance is now sideways/upwards from here in the coming years…he wrote.

This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision.

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