Can VAR still thrive in Brazil or is it something that has already been ruined?

Arbitration decisions and the misuse of the VAR have become increasingly commonplace in the 202nd Brazil Championship Games. controversy in such battles. such as Internacional x Botafogo, Corinthians x Goiás, Coritiba x Athletico and Fortaleza x América-MG.

The performance of Rafael Traci and Helton Nunes – video referee and assistant, respectively – in the Beira-Rio game even prompted CBF to announce changes to the team that will lead the VAR in today’s Choque-Rei (20) in Morumbi. The pair were eliminated from the match and replaced by Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral and Vitor Carmona Metestaine.

Faced with delays in checking tenders and consecutive mistakes that continue to be made on all sides, we called column writers. UOL Esporte answer the following question: Is there still room for improvement in VAR in Brazil or is it something that has gone wrong? See answers:

Brazilian arbitration expertise is an emergency. The VAR, like all other technologies, depends on who runs it, not in the vacuum. Proof that there is hope is a few good judges, who emerge in the midst of a sea of ​​catastrophes. But they will continue to be racist as long as there is no better training and protocol, and as long as the referees are funny, I don’t see a solution.

It’s a wonderful mix of BBB and football, but there is no going back. Previously, broadcasters did their own analysis (which attracted and attracted public attention), now arbitration can also use this resource. But as long as the referee’s level is too low and the decisions are personal, Brazil’s VAR will not have achieved its goal, which is to reduce errors.

Professional arbitration is the only solution. The problem is that no one wants to lose the club in order to divert attention from their own negligence.

Unbelief would be a triumph of despair. It can and will be better.

VAR could not be worse in Brazil. There are examples around the world that technology greatly supports the game and can not be different here. Although CBF will be the only one to have a game in Fifa Data. It should not be surprising that the only country that VAR does not support.

Brazilian judges are very bad. As they become stronger, if at least they get the same decisions, the VAR will be strengthened. PS – I prefer football without VAR, in Brazil and around the world.

I do not think we will remove VAR again. Like any other technology, we will need to know how to use it. If we do not, he will send us. It should be noted that VAR is a human-controlled technology and human beings have attitudes, shapes, aspirations, ideologies, certain sense of justice and all of these must be taken into account.

There is a way to improve. On-field and video judges need better training to reduce the number of errors. This depends on their profession. It is important to end the lack of standard in arbitration. The interpretation of the code must be the same.

It must be improved. The problem is the poor quality of our judges. Farm and cupboards. The last round was tragic in bizarre and unacceptable mistakes with the help of technology. Prompt cleaning is required. But the VAR, as a tool, cannot be abandoned.

There is room for improvement, but the case is as disturbing as that of arbitration in general. It is important to have people who are able to coordinate the area as a whole. It is a structural issue, but it can be resolved. It is difficult to know when.

There is a way to improve. The problem is not the VAR. The tool is good and serves to reduce or eliminate errors. The people who run it and use it are the problem! The best judges and the most obvious protocols need to be developed.

VAR is trash, which, in addition to correcting mistakes in a game where most scores are personal and not just for technological issues such as soft or non-smooth, internal or external, also causes “mistakes” for the young people involved. the home, political and club approach which are all human. If anger is selective, VAR is always trash. And not just in Brazil. This is the length of Armageddon, but the final World Cup and Champions League finals were also marred by errors and extraordinary interference from electronic circuits. And it does not make sense to say that the problem is not the VAR, but who is driving it, because this garbage does not work by itself and, therefore, the human element is only part of the horror scene. I do not bear this guilt! Live in memory!

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