Can Zach LaVine Really Be a Lakers Strengthener?


Earlier this week, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, president Jeanie Buss commented on a number of points for the Lakers season and even said that if she needed to, she would make difficult decisions this season.

Despite the team’s poor season and frequent loss of injuries, Jeanie also said she believes the Lakers can still be champions with LeBron and Davis.

Despite the uncertainty of Westbrook’s stay, we still do not know how the team will go to court in the first game of next season in October.

And with rumors circulating about the future of the franchise, this week the name Zach LaVine was linked to the team.

Like LeBron and Davis, Lavine is a Klutch Sports client and ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst’s report fueled speculation. In his podcast, Hoop Collective, Windhorst said talks about signing a new contract for the player with the Bulls would cool down, with the Blazers looking like a good place to go.

As soon as the reporter made the statement, many linked the Lakers with the possibility of joining the fray.

But assuming Russell Westbrook will choose the final year of his $ 47.1 million contract, what?

The ambition begins with hopes that LaVine, who signed for Klutch last August, will give the Chicago Bulls a final document: signing and trading with the Lakers or losing him to a free agent.

There are teams like the San Antonio Spurs or the Portland Trail Blazers that have enough space to pay their top estimate of their $ 36.6 million salary.

Even if LaVine wanted Chicago to facilitate the move, would Los Angeles be able to make an agreement under the strict rules of collective bargaining agreement? It is possible, but very difficult.

The Lakers could not sign LaVine at a reasonable price. Even if the franchise released all players apart from LeBron and Davis, the top spot would be around $ 29.5 million.

The Lakers would need to sell Talen Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn (who is expected to select $ 5.3 million) and Westbrook. Still, Lavine would need to accept a small pay to play alongside LeBron and Davis.

The only real solution would be to signal and trade, which poses different problems, especially the estimated spending of $ 155.7 million for the 2022-23 season. With LeBron, Davis and LaVine alone under contract, the Lakers would have only $ 36.6 million to complete the remaining list.

The Los Angeles LaVine setting is completely impossible at the moment.

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