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The FURIA Legends League team had more problems at the start of the 2nd Division of the 2022 Brazil Tournament (CBLOL) than in the previous tournament this season, but they already have a better campaign than the 1st Division division, with four wins . The unbeaten record, after two weeks of qualification, was reached by the team even with the Covid-19 cases between the players and with an emergency change that became strategic, with hunter Gabriel “Goot” successfully replacing Filipe “Ranger”. . In a press conference, Bruno “Jealousy” commented on the good times of FURIA, explained the situation in the team because of Covid-19 and explained the use of Goot.

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FURIA Players in Phase 1 of CBLOL 2 Division 2 – Photo: Bruno Alvares / Riot Games

Without making any changes to the main squad from Division 1 to 2, FURIA had to quickly decide for Goot, from the elite club of the club, to replace Ranger, who, discovered by Covid-19 on the eve of CBLOL, could not accompanying the team at the Riot Games studio in São Paulo for Week 1 games.

Against KaBuM, in round 1, and Liberty, in 2, Goot did well, and FURIA started the tournament 2-0. Week 2, with Ranger already recovering, the team decided to stay with Goot as the founder and win twice as much, against INTZ and RED Canids Kalunga.

In a press conference this Sunday, Wivu explained that the team was already using Goot in the training ground, but had to look forward to his first match because of Ranger’s Covid-19. The young athlete has never played CBLOL before and, like FURIA in this 2nd division, has not failed.

“Goot’s entry was surprising, because we didn’t plan to put him in the first week. We were already exchanging exercises a bit before starting CBLOL, but the Ranger covid made him start early. I think from these training sessions to CBLOL, we’ve been doing well. And two hunters. , we have been playing very well. They bring two different styles, which is a good thing. We can change that for qualifying matches and use it as an ace in the hole.

When asked if, because of the show, Goot took the name Ranger, Jealous replied:

– I do not think so. We will continue to take turns with the two of them, to see who is the best for each game. There is no certainty yet.

It wasn’t just Ranger who tested and infected Covid-19 on FURIA. Before CBLOL started, Jealousy himself had the disease. This week 2, the best Francisco “fnb” was also discovered and had to play at home, while the other team did not attend the Riot Games studio and played two 3rd and 4th round matches at a distance, from club practice. facility. O ge found that assistant coach Luiz “ONMETA” was also infected with the corona virus.

In a press conference, Wivu admitted that Covid-19 cases came to disrupt training.

“It simply came to our notice then. Within about three days of training, when I had it and then fnb had it now, performance dropped, because you are worse, you are more tired. We missed a few days of practice, but I think we handled it well.

Jealousy also commented that he did not expect such a good start in CBLOL. In Division 1, the team lost in the first match and then won three times, ending the second week with one defeat and three wins.

– I did not expect a good start like this 4-0. Before CBLOL started, we did not have good training like this, the results were not good, but I think we managed to get it. All the efforts and work we put into Division 1 and boot camps have begun to pay off. People are starting to have the same ideas for the game and the players have a connection. We play together more.

CBLOL 2022: FURIA defeats RED Canids Kalunga in round 4 of Division 2

Prior to this year’s edition of CBLOL, FURIA conducted two boot camps, which helped the team emerge, in the opinion of Jealousy.

– Our first boot camp was more for us to get to know each other as a person, talking about our ideas and philosophies of the game, there was no way to define identity properly. But, during the 1st division, I think we were able to understand a lot about how we work and, from this 2nd, we were able to be more cohesive, with five players doing the same thing.

With the best team formed for the 2022 season, FURIA was in 4th place in Division 1 and, with the start of Division 2, cheered the crowd again. But Jealousy believes that the team’s game, although it has changed, is still far from the public’s expectations and could improve.

– What the public expected from FURIA is more than what we show, because. When you talk about the best team, you expect it to be like Flamengo in 2019. The public sets a very high level of expectations, and we can certainly improve – Envy was announced, referring to the Flamengo campaign in CBLOL 1 2019. division, where the team won 20 wins and lost times only one in the qualifying stage.

In Week 3, FURIA will play Rensga, in the 5th round, June 25, at 17:00 pm (Brasilia time), and the Miners, in the 6th round, the 26th, at 15:00 pm.

CBLOL 2022: FURIA defeats INTZ in the 3rd round of Division 2

CBLOL 2022: FURIA defeats INTZ in the 3rd round of Division 2

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