Cebolinha pulls the ‘boat’ and Flamengo is looking for new strengthening and reorganization of the squad.

Flamengo should undergo significant changes at the end of the season. Even the departure of some medals continues to be suspected, as do veterans Diego Alves, Diego Ribas and Rodinei. Thus, it may be remembered that not only the club needs to be reformed, but it also wants to “revive” the squad that currently has experienced players, but has not produced the expected results and angered fans.

And in light of these reforms, the club is already moving to the market and is not waiting for the opening of the international transfer window to be held on July 18. However, Flamengo’s haste to monitor the market and close other deals is not in vain, added by the red team, a significant embezzlement came in surprise. to Gávea, with Bruno Henrique one of the key casualties that Fla has received in recent days. With multiple knee injuries to his right knee, the player will undergo surgery and the prognosis is 10 to 12 months, so he should only return to the field between April and June 2023.

Also out of the Flamengo project for the remainder of the season is Isla, who was released to agree with Universidad Católica, from Chile. Andreas Pereira should not stay either, despite the player’s departure being considered normal and Rubro-Black not wanting to pay a fine for the midfielder’s purchase, new arrival coach Dorival Jr. has already said he intends to rely on the athlete. . “I hope he stays. Players of this level, with this ability, are few in Brazil. I have no doubt that this young man can still grow very, very flexible. How will it happen? I don’t know, but it would be better if we held this baby, because he has so many qualities, ”said Dorival.

Faced with that situation, Flamengo should focus on at least hiring a striker, right-back and midfielder that should be given priority. This season, the black-red board has already invested in recruiting Cebolinha, Pablo, Santos, Marinho and Fabrício Bruno, as well as Thiago Maia, who was bought directly. But other names have been speculated, some of which are still in talks and some deals have already been scrapped. Check out some of the names.

1. Arturo Vidal

Vidal appeared to be determined to score with Rubro-Negro Carioca, and has already made clear his intention to defend Flamengo. However, the situation is still unclear, as the midfielder is in the final stages of his contract with Inter Milan and Mais Querido is awaiting a formal suspension before making a move for the player. Vidal’s age is becoming a barrier, as the midfielder is 35 years old and the board’s intention is to rebuild the squad. Other details are that Boca Juniors could be seen as a possibility for the Chilean who has also shown a positive attitude towards the Argentine club.

2. Enzo Fernandez

Argentina midfielder Enzo Fernández joined Flamengo as a power adding option, which even made contact with the player’s agent, but River Plate did not facilitate the athlete’s talks. The Argentine club should only agree to negotiate with the midfielder for a full fine of 20 million euros, which represents an investment of approximately R $ 105 million, which would remove the board’s interest and negotiations should not continue.

3. Thuler

Matheus Thuler has returned on loan from French football, and according to Venê Casagrande, Dorival’s arrival should make it easier for the defender to be taken over by Flamengo. “Dorival’s arrival at Flamengo could be a good thing for Thuler, who returned on loan from Montpellier-FRA. When the coach was at Athletico, he tried to send the defender to Hurricane, but, at the time, Fla did not want to do business. Thuler’s future is yet to be determined. “, Wrote Venê Casagrande on his twitter.

4. Thiago Mendes

Flamengo’s attack on Thiago Mendes was not uncommon, in the last two windows Carioca tried to hire the midfielder. However, the athletes, who were at the end of their contract with Lyon, ended up being re-signed by the French club.

5. Gonzalo Montiel

Flamengo formalized last week the proposal of right-back Gonzalo Montiel, who currently owns Sevilla, from Spain. According to information from the ‘Torcedores’ website, the club intends to not only get an 18-month loan, but also get at least 30% of the player’s economic rights. Values ​​were kept secret and Fla was waiting for a chance from the Spanish club.


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