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For embezzlement problems, the board will play an important role in the ranks, according to Ceni.

In an interview given after a home defeat, Rogério Ceni set the tone in the conversation about which team to use in the opening round of the Copa do Brasil stage best 16. The match is scheduled for 20:00 (Brasília time), again in Morumbi.

– The whole group was here today. No one was left out of the squad and no one was coming back. Do you want to risk everything on Thursday (in the Copa do Brasil)? Let’s take a chance. Can we lose someone by injury? We can. But then we would have been tired against Juventude (for Brasileirão). We have to make a choice. Whatever the direction comes, let’s go – he shone.

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– If we have to install it again, we will install it again, because it is a normal and big game. We have already prepared for the game with the Youth. Let’s see tomorrow. On Wednesday, we will see what we can do on Thursday, ”added Ceni.

Rogério Ceni leads São Paulo in a new preliminary match against Palmeiras – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

More than once, the coach said in an interview that his priority was to participate in the Brazilian championship, trying to take São Paulo to Libertadores a year after removing the team from the Serie B.

Copa do Brasil, however, emerges as an attractive financial competition, a key factor for a team in financial difficulties. The club’s debt is approximately R $ 700 million.

Qualifying for the quarter-finals is worth R $ 3.9 million as prize money for clubs. Tricolor has already raised R $ 7.6 million in the knockout competition, but it comes with embezzlement problems at the opening of the duel with Palmeiras.

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– If we had all the players available, we would have a good rotation and a chance to change. Today we have a few options. We have eight people in the medical department, who unfortunately suffered more serious injuries than usual, an ankle, which is difficult to recover – said Ceni, who has been waiting for a week.

– It’s not just about me (about giving priority to Brasileirão), you can be sure – concluded the coach.

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