Champion again, Steph Curry joins his position among the greats

Even before the NBA 2021-22 season, Stephen Curry did not need to prove anything to anyone anymore. The Golden State Warriors defender was a double MVP (including the only one who won the award unanimously), a three-time NBA champion, the leading player of the most important dynasty of his generation, unanimously considered the biggest pitcher of the time. both, and the player who changed the way basketball was played, think and understand since Elgin Baylor and Bill Russell in the 50/60 years. He was already one of the greatest and most accomplished players in basketball history.

And yet, it is undeniable that the 2022 crown had a different taste and weight for Curry and this Golden State Warriors team, and that it further affects the special legacy that has already been given. If you don’t believe it, just look at Stephen Curry’s loud, usually very quiet, at the end of the game:

The list of players with three or more titles and many MVPs alongside Curry is very revealing: Michael Jordan. Bill Russell. LeBron James. Tim Duncan. Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Magic Johnson. That’s the list, and you can make a strong argument that these are the seven biggest players in NBA history (they were my 7 Best before the season).

But despite being in this special (and unique) company, many people were still reluctant to place Steph among the heroes of all time. Perhaps part of this is because Curry does not fit into the misconceptions we have with this level of player, to the point where we have needed in the last eight years to change our way of thinking, analyzing and even. to understand game to better understand Steph’s great impact; perhaps because the Curry era comes at a time when social media has become more socially critical of people than just uplifting.

Regardless of the cause, the reality is that a series of negative narratives have been created around Steph to justify this player’s downfall. That the 2017 and 2018 titles were “not counted” like any other because they were taken along with Kevin Durant, as if players like LeBron, Magic or Kareem did not win titles along with other big stars. That Stephen Curry did not do well in the playoffs and especially the Finals, although he was one of only four players in history (including LeBron, Jordan and Jerry West) with an average of 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in his playing career. qualifiers, and one of six such averages in the NBA Finals. Which Curry could not rule in this way being forced to initiate and order the offense alone, although he scored 32 points per game doing so in 2021 with Klay Thompson injured and no other good scorer on the team. None of these narratives held a serious and objective analysis, but they persisted in popular opinion.

The most common argument against Steph was that he had not won the MVP Finals in any of the Warriors ‘successes (Durant in 17’ and 18 ‘, Iguodala in 15’), as if that meant he had never ruled. series and, therefore, were not very responsible for the head. These arguments always revealed more about who was making it than about Curry himself, but for how stupid it was, it was something that greatly influenced people’s attitudes.

And that is the main reason why this name has so much weight and significance for Curry and Warriors. He’s not just another crown on the profile of the best star or the biggest team, he’s a career that changes our perspective and changes the context to keep past events in perspective. Now there is no more Kevin Durant in the Golden State; When KD left the Warriors in 2019, the expectation was that the Warriors were gone, with Durant continuing to play for the title with the new Nets team along with Kyrie and (finally) Harden. But Durant has yet to qualify for the second round of the playoffs, with Golden State winning the title once again. The thoughts of the 2017/2018 Warriors champions – especially the 2017 team, which is considered by some to be the biggest team in basketball history – came from a combination of Curry’s joint effect (and the Warriors surrounded him) and Kevin. Durant’s individual rule, but considering the ongoing success of the Warriors model compared to what Durant has achieved outside of California, one of the two seems to be the most sustainable.

And no one is heavier than Stephen Curry. The idea that these trophies are worthless because they came from the two stars of the game to come together is absurd, but there has always been an endless debate about who was most responsible for the team’s success: Kevin Durant and his personal administration, or Curry. and its joint effect? Durant may have been the best player, but Curry was the most important, and it is difficult to divide the different “weights” (for lack of the best time) for each other’s contributions in this game.

The 2022 theme, however, is changing the conversation drastically. Now Curry and Warriors have won the title (with 73 games of the regular season) BEFORE Durant, and they won the title AFTER Durant. What Durant brought to the Warriors and uplifted the team is very important and has taken the team to another level, but we have seen again that this individual impact can be remedied by Steph’s beauty and the Golden State team even in his absence. these things that were before and continued after the departure of the 35 shirt have now proven themselves once again to be able to win the title on their own, with completely different players, different supporting players, new trajectory, and similar results. The 2022 title makes it clear now what the main reason behind the two titles, and it adds a lot to Steph’s star from time to time.

And moreover, Curry laid out every possible story that could be used to deprive him of his rightful place among the greatest narratives in history. He now has a Final MVP on the shelf, which he acquired with great skill and historic one-man play against the best defensive line in the NBA. He dominated the Finals from start to finish, with an average of 31 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists, and carried the Warriors on his back with very little offensive support (Draymond was innocent through Game 6 and scored 33% from the court overall. , Klay Thompson scored 36%, Wiggins scored 44% from court and 29% from three, Poole had only 13 points per game, etc.). He had a unique and point-and-shoot game, Game 4 where he scored 43 points and was probably the best game of his life, and which was not only a testament to his personal beauty and tyranny but also a game. effective action turns Final. And he did so by taking on more than the previous personal costume when the remaining error stalled, and the Warriors ‘ball-keeping plan ceased in the Celtics’ heavy defense.

Add to it all his personal and collective success, his historic impact of change and his position as the best shooter in the history of the game, and there is no possible argument to deny his rightful place among the greatest in basketball history. . Where exactly you put it on the list honestly does not matter; it does not matter if he is recognized as a good player or not.

And if his performance in the NBA Finals, the 34-year-old and against the best defense in the NBA, is a passing fad, then Curry is still far from running out of gas in his tank – which adds to the possibility that, despite all , we have not yet seen every chapter of Stephen Curry’s magical story.

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