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ChatGPT can now browse the web and incorporate recent information into its responses, according to a September 27 post on X (formerly Twitter) from artificial intelligence (AI) company OpenAI.

The updates are available immediately for Plus and Enterprise users using the GPT-4 model, according to the post. The web browsing feature will be available to other users “soon,” but OpenAI did not specify whether that means GPT-4 will be enabled for non-privileged users or whether browsing will be implemented for the GPT 3.5 model.

OpenAI did not immediately respond to a request for clarification.

For each post:

“ChatGPT can now scour the internet to provide you with current, reliable information, complete with direct links to sources. It is no longer limited to data prior to September 2021.”

Prior to this update, ChatGPT suffered from an ever-widening gap in its knowledge base. Due to the nature of how AI models like Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPT) are trained, the ChatGPT knowledge base previously ended in 2021 – presumably the year it essentially finished production.

In previous tests, OpenAI has reported successes and setbacks in its attempts to implement browsing using ChatGPT. In June of 2023, reports began Surface Beta versions of ChatGPT have been used with browsing to bypass paywalls. He also seems to have a tendency to hallucinate and sometimes confuse modern and historical information.

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The update to ChatGPT’s browsing feature comes right on the heels of OpenAI’s announcement on September 25 that the chatbot is also receiving a multimedia update:

As Cointelegraph reported, ChatGPT, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 will be able to understand simple language spoken queries and respond with one of five different voices as well as display and interpret images.

OpenAI also recently announced DALL-E 3, the latest version of image generation AI.

With the plethora of updates sweeping the company’s products, it will be interesting to see what remains to be revealed at its first ever developer conference, OpenAI DevDay. Established It will be held on November 6 in San Francisco.

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