Clube do Remo loses and Bonamigo was sacked by Baenão

The important thing in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C is to do your homework, which was not the case with Clube do Remo, which ended up losing valuable points by playing and losing at Estádio do Baenão. The result, along with the fall of Terceirona’s table, is a dispute between fans and coach Paulo Bonamigo.

Playing at home, Leão Azul won the game until the 45th minute, but ended up taking turns and losing 2-1 to Altos-PI, this Sunday (19), at Evandro Almeida Stadium, in Belém. The result led to the resignation of the coach announced by the club’s president Fábio Bentes shortly after the match.


Remo started the game showing strength and headed for Altos-PI for two attempts: first with midfielder Anderson Uchoa, who threatened the goalkeeper, and in another ball, Brenner heading into the goalkeeper’s defense.

Without any resemblance, the 12 appeared again in Leão with the main goal: Fernandinho receives from Netto at the local gate and kicks a nice kick in the drawer. Rowing 1 to 0.

Immediately after the goal, Leão did not have Brenner who was injured and gave way to Vanilson, who voluntarily does not score another goal. The attacker picks up the area and removes it from the goalkeeper and slowly, the ball ends up outside.

Without attacking and hitting a corner in the defensive zone, Altos-PI escaped to take the second goal in the 32nd minute with Netto, who took the opportunity of the goalkeeper’s hesitation and kicked from a distance. The ball hit the poles and came out.

The second period started with everything for Altos-PI with the entry of Dieguinho, who intimidated voters in two bids: first at the table with Elielton and then left Manoel kicking and knocking on the door from Remo.

Altos-PI threatened Remo again for ten minutes. Dieguinho kicks hard and Vinicius saves in shock. In the next round, a team from Piauí scored with Tibiri, but the referee disallowed the goal on the offside.

Without answering anything in the attacking zone, Remo was attacked by Altos-PI, who tried at any cost to score and reach the 45th minute with a goal from Lucas Souza, in the 45th minute. PI closed by Ramon.

The home loss seemed to be the last blow for the fans and the Clube do Remo board and the end of the game brought the downfall of coach Paulo Bonamigo. See the report of Fábio Bentes.

The defeat leaves Remo with 16 points and threatens to leave the G8, with Altos-PI climbing the table with 12 points and outscoring Z4.

In the next round, Altos-PI receives Vitória-BA on Saturday (25), at Teresina (PI) and Remo will face Figueirense-SC, away, on Monday (27).


OAR: Vinicius; Ricardo Luz, Igor Morais, Marlon and Leonan; Anderson Uchoa, Marciel (Jean Patrick) and Erick Flores (Albano); Fernandinho (Rodrigo Pimpão), Netto (Anderson Paraíba) and Brenner (Vanilson)

Coach: Paulo Bonamigo

ABOVE: Raphael; Ferrari (João Carlos), Ramon, Lucas Sousa and Dieyson; Tibiri (Jerry), Valderrama and Marcos Aurélio (Dieguinho); Elielton, Betinho and Manoel

Coach: Fernando Tonet

JUDGE: Diego da Costa Cidral (SC)

SUPPORTERS: Jonny Barros de Oliveira (SC) and Gisele Casaril (SC)

YELLOW CARDS: Brenner, Leonan, Anderson Uchoa and Rodrigo Pimpão (REM); Valderrama (ALT)

LOCATION: Evandro Almeida Stadium, Baenão / Belém (PA)


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