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Popcorn, vacilled, released, yellow … you, the reader, decide. With the result in hand until the last minute, São Paulo took turns in the middle of Morumbi, defeated by the full-time leader of the tournament and parked in the middle of the Brasileirão table.

I will formulate my opinion and present Tricolor’s failure from an opponent’s point of view. Palmeiras is the best club in Brazil and has once again confirmed that it is not surprising that they are the winning club in America. He is the best striker, the best defensive line and has not lost in nineteen matches.

It is very painful to lose in the last minutes, especially how São Paulo lost, but it is important to remember that it was supposed to be two or three goals for Palmeiras from the middle of the second half, when the opponent scored São Paulo in their goal. field. Ball on the pillars, Jandrei’s solid defensive line and defensive and winning game so far.

But, as I mentioned earlier, Palmeiras has a lot of power in Brazil and Latin America. Winning for tax in half time, is enough. To reach the current level of alviverde, São Paulo needs to be completely obsessed with its finances, maintaining its coach and playmaking philosophy (as he did a pig in the face of being forced to resign by fans) and be competent in his management. . It’s not a quick recipe, so it’s not easy for most fans to swallow.

Still analyzing it from an opponent’s point of view, and I do so simply because Palmeiras today is the best with the rest of America, the first period was fair as well because alviverde did not play well. Move to Tricolor protection system. When Porco managed to commit to the field, it was only a matter of time before the game changed.

the sharp side of failure? Yes it is. Even with poor technicality and technique, São Paulo is about to take the results and this is a consolation for São Paulo campanado. Within the great rivalry of the opponent, the team almost got an unexpected victory.

Now is the time to take action, withstand external pressure and fight back against Porco, this time for the Copa do Brasil. Some lessons can be learned from failure: you can’t put a cold defender at the end, just hold the mark. Without taking away the opponent’s reputation but Miranda unfortunately participated in two goals alviverdes.

We continue the struggle. Thursday has more.

Description of the characters of the game:

Jandrei: Good protection in the second stage and a lot of wax in the second stage. There is no blame for the goals. Note: 5.5

Igor Vinícius: winger and three defenders, had the best participation in the first half In the second half, yellow, he was replaced. Note: 5.5

Diego Costa: Good performance against the best strikers of the tournament. Grade: 6.0

Arboleda: For me the best of São Paulo. Grade: 7.5

Léo: With a third defender, supporting Reinaldo’s development. Grade: 6.0

Reinaldo: It started well and then faded until it was replaced. However, I defend his presence because he is among the only people capable of making decisions on this team. Note: 5.5

Gabriel Neves: he started well, keeping the Palmeiras midfielder straight. Note: 6.5

Rodrigo Nestor: He missed a good chance when he cleverly threw the ball out of the danger zone. It lacks more vibration. Note: 5.5

Igor Gomes: Not very creative with midfield link Rating: 5.5

Patrick: Another good game. Tricolor goal writer. Grade: 7.0

Calleri: lonely, he fought hard against the strong defense of Palmeiras. Grade: 6.0

Pablo Maia, Miranda, Rafinha, Rigoni and Éder: Once again, São Paulo had to close out in the second half. Miranda came out of contention and “participated” badly in two goals from Palmeiras.

Rogério Ceni: He is also the one to blame for the decisions and changes in the second half but I think looking at the bench in front of Palmeiras and seeing that no piece will change the game. Grade: 5.0

Photo by Rubens Chiri / SPFC

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