Consortium rejects Vasco’s request to send game against Sport in Maracanã; The club is requesting a review

The Maracanã Union rejected the request Vasco to match against gamefor the sixteenth spherical of Série B of the Brazilian Championship, executed in the identical area. With this, one other controversy arises between the club and the stadium administration. Cruz-Maltino challenged the choice and has already submitted a request for reconsideration this Wednesday.

Since the victory against Cruzeiro, the events have fought by means of the main points. It all began when Gigante da Colina was misled past what was stipulated in the Maracanã switch settlement to Flamengo and Fluminense. What was agreed was that Vasco and Botafogo would have to pay a tax of R $ 90 thousand.

The São Januário group didn’t agree with that quantity, they protested claiming sinamy and equality, however have been paid play on the sphere. However, the Basques he requested for compensation a part of the worth. In addition, the ten% income from the stadium bars was one other impediment. According to the lease settlement, the switch was customary.

After such a reality, with out additional rationalization, Vasco was banned from displaying three songs containing institutional messages that might carry the phrases: ‘SINCE 1898 LEGAL PEOPLE’S CLUB – RESPECT – EQUALITY AND INCLUSION’. In collaboration with Pixbet, a Cruz-Maltino sponsor, a message was displayed on billboards. The followers additionally carried placards with the message.

Before the tip of the match, which was received by Gigante, Consórcio Maracanã issued an official assertion denying it any type of completely different remedy. The group additionally accused the club of abusing itself and giving public opinion in direction of itself.

See the total letter revealed by Vasco beneath:
” Regatas Vasco da Gama experiences that this afternoon they submitted a request for re-negotiation with the Maracanã Consortium, after refusing to play their game against Sport Club do Recife, on July 3, in Maracanã. The club are conscious that the Consortium’s declare not to permit Vasco and his followers to be current at Rio de Janeiro’s largest stadium, in a high-profile game, scheduled for Sunday at 4pm, and hopes the Consortium will rethink its place.

In its declare, the Consortium states that there is already a game scheduled lower than 24 hours earlier than the Vasco game between Fluminense x Corinthians (07/02/2022 at 4:30 pm) and that “with lower than 24 hours between video games ., makes it unimaginable to deal with the minimal period advisable for sustaining grass high quality ”.

This “rule” seems to have been created merely to justify Vasco da Gama’s refusal to play against Sport in Maracanã. In a transient survey performed by the club, it was discovered that the very fact is repeated in Maracanã, particularly in video games involving CR Flamengo or Fluminense FC, in addition to the present Brazilian Championship season. In the interval from October 11 to 17, 2020, 4 video games have been held inside simply seven days. This justification can’t be accepted as passable. The discount of Vasco da Gama’s proper to work in Maracanã compensates, as soon as once more, the inequality of the phrases of use of the stadium by the key golf equipment of Rio de Janeiro, which straight violates the phrases of the hazardous time period of use. signed by the State Government.

In one other baseless justification for rejecting Vasco’s game, Consortium broadcasts that “there was already a game schedule at Maracanã Stadium in July 2022, which gives a minimum of 08 (eight) soccer matches to be held that month, up to 10 Matches (ten), in accordance to the efficiency of CR Flamengo and Fluminense FC in the Copa do Brasil. ”The reality is, in accordance to the present official calendar of CBF and Conmebol, if CR Flamengo and Fluminense FC really advance in the Copa do Brasil, The highest degree of video games in July in Maracanã would attain solely 9 (9) matches. coordinated by the Union for July.

In its detrimental response, Consortium additionally alleges that Vasco requested the presence of a stadium very shut to the date of the game, which is not true because the session was held 18 days earlier than, June 15.

Considering the significance of the game (second against fifth place in B-level, in the direct dispute over entry to Class A), in the general public success that was the game of Vasco x Cruzeiro (with caravans and excursions followers from. All areas of the nation), transferring the economic system, producing income and income for personal entrepreneurs and for the State, Vasco da Gama denies making an attempt to forestall a massive variety of his followers from accompanying the club to using public services. which is thrice the scale of São Januário Stadium and awaits the brand new Maracanã Union exhibition.

The following is an examination of the video games in Maracanã over the previous three years.

Vasco 0 x 1 Flamengo – Wednesday – January 22 – 9pm
Fluminense 2 x 0 Portuguese – Thursday – January 23 – 20h

Resende 1 x 3 Flamengo – Monday – February 3 – 8pm
Fluminense 1 x 1 Union La Calera – Tuesday – February 4 – 9:30 p.m.

Flamengo 2 x 0 Madureira – Saturday – February 8 – 4pm
Fluminense 3 x 0 Botafogo – Sunday – February 9 – 4pm

Fluminense 2 x 0 Botafogo / PB – Wednesday – March 4 – 7:15 pm
Vasco 1 x 0 ABC – Thursday – March 5 – 9:30 p.m.

Flamengo 3 x 0 Botafogo – Saturday – March 7 – 6pm
Fluminense 4 x 0 Resende – Sunday – March 8 – 6pm

Flamengo 2 x 1 Portuguese – Saturday – March 14 – 6pm
Vasco 0 x 2 Fluminense – Sunday – March 15 – 6pm

Fluminense 1 x 0 Bahia – October 11 (Sunday) – 4pm
Flamengo 2 x 1 Goiás – October 13 (Tuesday) – 6pm
Flamengo 1 x 1 Bragantino – October 15 (Thursday) – 8pm
Fluminense 2 x 2 Ceará – October 17 (Saturday) – 7pm

Macaé 0 x 2 Flamengo – March 6 (Saturday)
Fluminense 0 x 3 Portuguese – March 7 (Sunday) – 4pm

Flamengo 4 x 1 Volta Redonda – April 24 (Saturday) – 7pm
Fluminense 4 x 1 Madureira – April 25 (Sunday) – 11 p.m.

Flamengo 4 x 1 Volta Redonda – May 8 (Saturday), 9:05 pm
Fluminense 2 x 1 Portuguese – May 9 (Sunday) – 4 pm

Fluminense 1 x 2 Junior Barranquila – May 18 (Tuesday) – 9:30 pm
Flamengo 2 x 2 LDU – May 19 (Wednesday) – 9pm

Flamengo 2 x 0 Coritiba – June 16 (Wednesday) – 9:30 pm
Fluminense 1 x 0 Santos – June 17 (Thursday) – 7pm

Brazil 0 x 1 Argentina – July 10 (Saturday) – 9pm
Flamengo 2 x 1 Chapecoense – July 11 (Sunday) – 6:15 pm

Fluminense 3 x 2 Vila Nova / GO – April 19 (Tuesday) – 9:30 pm
Flamengo 0 x 0 Palmeiras – April 20 (Wednesday) – 7:30 p.m.

Fluminense 0 x 2 Atlético Goianiense – June 11 (Saturday) – 7pm
Vasco 1 x 0 Cruise – June 12 (Sunday) – 4pm ”.


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