Corinthians defeating Alma Futsal and qualifying for the semi-finals of the U-21 Futsal World Cup

This Friday, Corinthians defeated Alma Futsal, from Japan, 5-0. The match took place at the Albertina Salmon Arena, in Paranaguá, Paraná, for the quarter-finals of the U-21 Futsal World Cup. Timão’s goals were scored by Sodré, Gabriel Barbosa, Jhonnas and Pietro, twice.

With that victory, Parque São Jorge qualified for the semi-finals of the world stage of the tournament. In all competitions, the Corinthians won two matches and lost one. Timão’s second rival will be Barcelona, ​​who moved past the point after beating Peñarol 3-1.


Coach Gustavo Passos had no objection to that decision. Thus, Timão entered with great force. The Corinthians started the match Vandeson, Lucas, Alexandre Teixeira, Luis Felipe and Jhonnas.


First time

The game started off well, with both teams competing hard. The Corinthians made a bid to retain possession of the ball, with the Japanese team seeking a strike to intimidate the white and white club.

For one minute of the first stage, the coaching team and Gustavo Passos got their first chance of the game. Luis Felipe scored with Jhonnas, carried it to the danger zone, kicked hard and the ball passed to Alma Futsal’s right post.

The alvinegro club began to dominate offensive acts. Three minutes later, the Corinthians did well, Luis Felipe was received in the middle of the pitch, being lined up at will, he took a risk but the ball passed over the gate.

In 10 minutes of the game, Timão was very close to scoring. After a good deal on the pitch, Lucas overtook Alexandre Teixeira, the player fired the first shot and forced the Japanese goalkeeper to work hard to save. The Corinthians had more chances in the match.

Even with the Corinthians’ attack, the goal took some time to come out. With one minute left in the first half, the Japanese team committed a sin of exchange, Gabriel Barbosa snatched the ball from Corinthians, fired a shot and passed and found the keeper.

Shortly afterwards, with 15 seconds left in the first half, the Corinthians added a mark. Gabriel Barbosa made a good move on the left, the ball was left to Pietro to score the first shot and score the second goal for Corinthians. The game went to the break with a 2-0 win.

The second time

The Corinthians started the second stage dominating possession of the ball. Alvinegra’s first chance was just 30 seconds before the match. In a quick attack, Jhonnas received the area and kicked off a good goalkeeper defense.

The Corinthians’ emphasis paid off. With five minutes to go in the second half, Timão exchanged passes at the local gate looking for a hole in the Japanese defense. After Luis Felipe’s pass, Jhonnas received from behind, finishing with a heel and scoring a fine goal.

The Alvinegro club began to take action based on ball possession, avoiding any impressions from Alma Futsal. Eight minutes later, Luis Felipe overtook Pietro, who dribbled under the feet of the scorers and finished without a chance for the goalkeeper. It was the player’s second goal and the fourth for Corinthians.

At the end of the match, Timão scored a goal and a classification. In the 17th minute, Sodré received a midfielder, carried the ball out of the box and scored Corinthians’ fifth goal. The game ended 5 for 0 for alvinegro club.

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