Corinthians score in addition and win Unio Suzano for Paulista Sub-20; see the goal

As already identified in the second round of the Paulistão Sub-20, Corinthians returned to the field for the competition this Saturday. In the match played in Suzanão, Timãozinho visited União Suzano and won 1-0. The alvinegro goal was scored by the steering wheel Ryan Gustavo.

The game itself had a common key word for almost all 90 minutes played. Despite the rare differences, the Corinthians owned it, but it took time to win the União Suzano defense. The goal was only scored in the 49th minute of the second half.

Although positive, the end result does not affect the Corinthian succession in Paulistão. With one more game to play at this stage, the team coached by Danilo scored 22 points in nine games played, leading Group 9.

Write, Faithful! Corinthians will return to action with his U-20 team next Tuesday. The opponent at the time is Internacional, for the Brazilian Championship, at 3 p.m., at Morada dos Quero-Queros.



Coach Danilo selected an alternative squad for this Saturday’s clash. So, the team came to the field with Wesley Borges; Léo Mana, Renato, Cressi and Abimael; Riquelme and Ryan; Little finger, Breno Bidon and Wesley; Thalisson.

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First time

Despite the Corinthians’ technical excellence, União Suzano tried to use Timão’s “cause at home” in the first few minutes. Thus, the home team sought to signal the departure of the alvinegra ball on the attacking field, breaking up part of Danilo’s team’s attack.

The first arrival of the Corinthians came eight minutes into the game, with planned pieces. In a corner kick, Breno Bidon hit a cross for the coveted Vinicius Cressi, who came out dangerously, in line with a goal scored by Matheus Narok.

In the Corinthian attacking section, Thalisson played as a striker and left Wesley and Littlefinger open at the end, circling the sides and limbs. At one of these stages, Léo Mana was moved to the right and crossed over to 9 jerseys, who expected the goalkeeper, but gave up.

Wesley Borges, who was guarding Timão’s goal, only needed to work effectively in the 17th minute. Striker Fabinho started on the right and finished with a cross, with great force. The Timão goalkeeper straightened out and managed to evade a shot by União striker Suzano.

Over time, the ball became more and more under the control of the Corinthians, who misused the two positions between Wesley and Abimael, on the left. The duo came to serve Breno Bidon, who stole Matheus Narok’s net, and was replaced by an alvinegro midfielder.

In the dead ball, União Suzano also showed the ability to create danger. In a corner kick, the ball passed Léo Mana and missed goalkeeper Wesley Borges.

The final minutes of the second half, surprisingly, showed an increasingly hot game between the two teams, which started to create a bit of anger. For every foul shown by the referee, the players of Corinthians and União Suzano agreed to be bizarre and shovel at each other.

The Corinthians’ last hope of scoring in the first half came from a long shot. The steering wheel Riquelme ran in the middle and sent it to the left foot. The end of the match frightened the opposing goalkeeper and almost put Timãozinho ahead.

The second time

Immediately, the União Suzano team wanted to attack the Corinthians from the right side of the alvinegra defense. That was the insistence that, two minutes later, Léo Mana fouled around the area and was warned of a yellow card.

União Suzano’s attack, amid the collective negligence of the alvinegra defensive line, almost put the home team at a disadvantage five minutes after the second half. After exiting the area, Jeovan met face-to-face with goalkeeper Wesley Borges, in the central area of ​​the area. However, in the presentation, Renato made a beautiful drawing and sent it to the corner.

The Corinthians just arrived, in fact, after ten minutes of the ball moving into the final stage. Wesley, as in the first period, continued to be driven by the left side. In the individual game, he was brought down by Yan Santos inside the area and asked for a penalty kick, but the referee was not answered.

As is often the case in youth sports, fatigue increasingly affected team play. The Corinthians, who can be predictably offensive, began to face their technical limitations.

Part of Corinthians’ concern was on the left side of the União Suzano attack. Jersey 7 Jesus forced to play on the tricks, and in one of them, he was able to finish, standing in the best defense of goalkeeper Wesley Borges.

To give his players oxygen, Danilo recently promoted two changes at the same time. Defender Gustavo Henrique and forward Juninho replaced Léo Mana and Mindinho. In this way, Renato, who started the game as a defender, was transferred to the right defender.

Even after the change, Wesley continued as the main escape route for the Danilo-trained team. After a personal game on the brink, shirt 11 took it to the base line and moved the goalkeeper with a fine pass. In that bid, however, no one was able to achieve that goal.

That change had a profound effect on the Corinthians, who took a little breath for granted. In the defensive line, Gustavo Henrique improved the ball out and started to stab Luan Lino to the left. So Wesley became the team’s central striker in the area held by Thalisson.

The Corinthians’ winning goal came close to reaching the 43rd minute of the second half. After a cross ball in the area, Luan Lino headed with a header, heading for the goal, but without showing any strength, and the ball slowly slipped into Narok’s hands.

The end of the game came only in the 49th minute of the second half. After a quick attack, Wesley left right and crossed over to Ryan Gustavo. The midfielder defeated the goalkeeper with a good low shot and scored the winning goal in the final minutes of the night. Last 1 to 0 hours for Timão.

Unio Suzano technical paper 0 x 1 Corinthians

Competition: Paulista Competition Under 20s
Location: Francisco Marques Figueira Municipal Stadium, Suzano, SP
Date: June 18, 2022 (Saturday)
When: 15:00 (from Brasilia)
Judge: Isaac Xavier de Camargo
Assistants: Anderson Lucas de Lima and Alexandre Nascimento da Silva
Goal: Ryan (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Cau na Kau (Unio Suzano); Wesley Borges, Lo Mana na Ryan (Corinthians)

SUZANO IN THE CONGREGATION: narok; Yan Santos, Cau, Kau and Negueba (Alan Firmino); Ferrugem, Jesus, Jeovan and Fabinho; Matheus Catatau and Yan Marinho (Tubaro).
Technician: Leandro da Silva

CORINTHIANS: Wesley Borges; Lo Mana (Gustavo Henrique), Vinicius Cressi, Renato Santos and Riquelme; Abimael, Wesley Gassova and Ryan; Thalisson (Luan Lino), Breno Bidon and Nunes (Juninho).
Technician: Danilo

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