Court orders GDF to provide antiretroviral drugs for adolescent sex workers | Federal District

The 3rd Civil Order of the Federal District and District Courts of Justice (TJDFT) ruled that the Federal District Government should provide the drugs prescribed by the United States Health System (SUS) to prevent the production of male sex hormones. The decision was published last Friday (17) and is based on the request of a 14-year-old girl who is unaware of her biological sex.

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The GDF denied distributing the drug and said that “the plaintiff’s claim is not valid and claims to be the Federal Medical Council. [CFM] is permitted, on an experimental basis, to prevent puberty, in university and referral hospitals in the United States Health System (SUS). G1 contacted GDF and was awaiting a response to the publication of this report.

According to the case, the young woman was “born biologically male, but has identified herself with the female sex since the age of five.” According to him, the medical team that accompanied him prescribed the drug Triptorelin, for puberty.

The request was initially denied, but the young man appealed, stating that the drug had been approved and provided by the DF Health Department (SES-DF). The young woman states that the drug “will avoid any mental problems and allow her to confirm the sexual identity she is identifying with”.

In that decision, the college student notes that the teenager “meets the technical requirements for receiving medication”. And that the Brazilian Community of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SBEM) and the Brazilian Association of Pediatricians (SBP) suggest drugs to treat adolescent patients with sexual dysphoria.

“In the case under review, there is a normal puberty within the patient’s age, a 14-year-old teenager, however, the related effects of adolescent sexual activity not identified by the adolescent have led to his or her normal mental suffering. Population transgender people ”, says the decision.

The judges ruled that the drug was prescribed by a medical team accompanied by the young woman.

“In the face of a proposal to prevent puberty and hormone therapy by the Federal Council for Therapy, as well as to consider the absence of specific clinical protocols for transgender youth within the scope of SUS or the Federal District Health Center, it is clear that. the gap in the prescription drug protocol, which needs to be filled with the adequacy of public policy predicted ready for specific cases “, reflects the decision.

This class also focuses on scientific studies focusing on “medical efficacy and safety”, as well as reviewing Ministry of Health guidelines for welcoming transgender people and developing public health policies for LGBT populations, as well as editing support guidelines. for transgender people and the Federal Council for Medicine (CFM).

“Prescription for non-labeled use [que não consta na bula] has no legal implications, especially when there is no risk of health damage or failure to treat the patient’s illness, ”the decision states.

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