‘Cowards’: ALMG president criticizes empty ballots for honoring Hulk

The debate over the Atltico Hulk sparked controversy within the Minas Gerais Parliament (Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe / EM / DA Press)

The session that accredited the handing over of the Minas Gerais honorary title to the Hulk striker, from Atltico, was a heated debate in Parliament this Thursday (23/6). 53 state legislators voted in favor of the consideration. Although the parliamentary panel didn’t register the protest in opposition to the thought, the three MPs voted in useless. They had been referred to as “cowards” by the president of Parliament, Agostinho Patrus (PSD), who criticized the cancellation choice as a substitute of “no.” An empty poll was the popular methodology by Bart (PL), Laura Serrano and Guilherme da Cunha. , all from Novo. Despite naming his teammates, Agostinho expressed outrage on the conduct of the three. Bart, regardless of becoming a member of PL, was in Novo till final yr, when he was fired.

Angered, Agostinho made a speech asking God for “forgiveness” from the angle of his colleagues who had been vying for tax-free schemes for people.

“Forgive those that, by voting and never realizing whether or not or not, are voting empty. White as a result of they’re afraid, white as a result of they don’t have the braveness to place their faces right here. “And the others are voting in white, they’re afraid. If you oppose the invoice, vote in opposition to it. Do not go to the polls to vote for nothing”, he stated.

The activist’s speech got here after Laura Serrano took the stage to query the ranks of respectful citizenship and declarations of cultural pursuits to events and constituencies voted for as we speak by Parliament. He made positive that the criticism was not associated to the Hulk – who praised him for the providers rendered to the Rooster.

“These are initiatives that, in apply, don’t have an effect on virtually something or little or no within the lives of residents”, he protested. Then, in a touch, a deputy from Novo validated the choice by canceling the vote. “I vote for nothing as a result of dignity will not be a precedence for miners. Parliament must prioritize what improves folks’s lives – and never waste time and sources on inappropriate issues.”

During the dispute, Agostinho stated there have been lawmakers backing their actions within the search for useful resource reserves.

“Forgive those that (suppose that) life is the restrict of cash, each return this fashion or that. Forgive the ignorant, Lord. Forgive those that perceive public administration, that the administration of the folks, who care as human beings, is barely restricted to 2 reais”, posted.

This order was rejected

While Agostinho was talking, Laura Serrano even requested for a proper movement to reply to his colleague, however the request was not granted as a consequence of procedural points.

“In the three years of jurisdiction, I saved greater than $ 8 million, the cash was returned to the miners’ enchancment”, he stated, after the session.

Guilherme da Cunha, for his half, argued that there was “a shift in priorities” and defended a deal with paperwork such because the one authorizing Minas to affix the Tax Return Control (RRF), seen by the Romeu Zema (Novo) staff as a negotiating resolution. . authorities and Union debt – which exceeds R $ 152 billion.

“My empty vote with respect is a protest in opposition to this shift in priorities. You don’t have to have the braveness to respect the Hulk. This may be very easy. You have to have the braveness to vote on actions that may combat for privileges. And clear up residents’ issues. I need to vote, however that’s by no means on the agenda of the President of Parliament. “

When searched, Bart stated he was not affected by Augustine’s phrases.

ALMG president desires Hulk in nomination

The concept of ​​honoring the Hulk got here from Ulysses Gomes, from PT. For Galo, the striker has scored 57 objectives in 95 appearances. Yesterday, within the conflict in opposition to Flamengo, the Copa do Brasil, 7 jerseys scored and offered a 2-1 victory, made by Ademir.

Last yr, with a participant from Paraíba, Atltico gained Campeonato Mineiro, Campeonato Brasileiro and Copa do Brasil. This yr, the staff has already gained Supercopa do Brasil and one other model of the state competitors.

After the congratulations had been accredited, Agostinho Patrus celebrated the vote. “Right and truthful recognition. The solely factor lacking is a spot within the Brazilian staff. Al, Tite! Summon the Hulk!”, He wrote on Twitter.

‘Placa’ for Ronaldo

Two days in the past, Parliament additionally accredited the internet hosting of a ceremony to current Ronaldo Nazrio, a former Cruzeiro striker and fellow striker – by the Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF). Laura Serrano, Guilherme da Cunha and Bart additionally voted in opposition to the proposal.

Professor Cleiton (PV), creator of the proposal, defended the tax. “I exploit a plate. If that is the issue, I pay for that plate.”

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