Cruzeiro vs Flu: the day Galo fans split on the pitch

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In the first leg of the Brasil Light semi-final, in Mineiro, Cruzeiro defeated Fluminense 1-0, a objective from Evaldo.

November 9, 1966, the date of the 1966 Brasil Lighting semi-final, which right this moment is acknowledged as the Brazilian Championship. In one in all the essential video games between Cruzeiro and Fluminense, which can meet once more this Thursday (23), for the Copa do Brasil, the celestial staff was backed by many American fans in addition to some Atletico fans, who split.

This story is instructed by journalist and journalist Roberto Drummond, at Jornal dos Sports, in 1966, the yr he was invited to turn out to be a day by day reporter for Rio de Janeiro in the capital Minas Gerais. Fortunately – or thankfully – of future, Drummond, who was a well-known athlete, carefully adopted the golden age of Raposa, with Tosto, Dirceu Lopes, Procpio, Piazza, Evaldo and Raul, amongst others.

In the textual content “Charanga sends opponents to hell”, Drummond states that safiri “I’ve already discovered the solidarity of the fans United States and in the case of athletes, though many haven’t but determined “.
If Atlético Mineiro had been to assist Fluminense, Cruzeiro fans promised to sing “that every thing else goes to hell”, music by Roberto Carlos, in keeping with Drummond’s story.

In the assertion, the journalist factors out that “undisclosed athletes state their place stating that they don’t have anything to do with the ‘conflict’. “.

Message signed by Roberto Drummond, whose published name has no letter m
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Message signed by Roberto Drummond, whose printed title has no letter m

Natural rice flour

Despite its controversial nature, the finest description of the phrase rice powder comes from Rio de Janeiro. In 1914, throughout a match in opposition to América-RJ, Colorado fans started chanting rice muffins to anger Carlos Alberto, who had left the membership for Fluminense.

Carlos Alberto was making use of talcum powder to his face. Because it was generally known as the royal staff, many fans related Carlos Alberto’s motion with a request from Fluminense. Historically, the Rio de Janeiro membership has denied that it had requested gamers to ‘white their faces’ with talcum powder and claimed that Carlos was doing the identical in América-RJ.

Fans of the Rio de Janeiro staff accepted the provocative nickname and started celebrating talcum powder and rice flour throughout the Fluminense video games. For a time, Cruzeiro was additionally focused by this nickname, however right this moment it not seems on the lips of rival fans.

The Battle of Cruzeiro and Fluminense for the Brasil Light of 1966

Roberto Drummond

Roberto Drummond was born in Ferros – 170 kilometers from Belo Horizonte – in the close by metropolis of Santa Maria de Itabira, the place the writer who subscribed to this writing lived. In sports activities media, Drummond gained recognition in the journal Mining Statesigning the “Bola na Marca” column.

The journalist was declared an athlete. The well-known phrase was coined by him: “If there’s a white and black shirt on a clothesline throughout a storm, Atletico rotates in opposition to the wind”.

At the identical time, he had lots of respect for Cruzeiro, creating the nickname “China Azul”, referring to the large progress of heavenly fans all through the state of Minas Gerais.

As a author, Drummond’s most profitable ebook was Hilda Furaco’s novel (1991), which was tailored for tv in 1998.

cruise champion

With or with out fans from Atletico and the Americans, Cruzeiro overcame Santos de Pel, thought-about one in all the finest groups in the world at the time, and gained the Brasil Light of 1966.

In the first ultimate match performed in Mineiro, Raposa suffered a 6-2 mixture defeat. In the replay, Pacaembu began to lose 2-0, however drew 3-2 and ended up in Brasil.

On the strategy to reaching that call, Cruzeiro eradicated Americano-RJ, Grmio and Fluminense in the knockout phases. Atletico Roberto Drummond adopted every thing carefully.

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