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Ronaldo Phenomenon lives up to the prospect of placing his two clubs in the national elite. Cruzeiro and Real Valladolid are doing well and, if they return to the elite, will prove the R9 management success. Projects and realities are different, but cost management and financial accountability have marked both parties.

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In an interview with Globo, journalists Rodrigo Capelo, a sports business specialist, and Jesús Domínguez, who writes for Real Valladolid, commented on Ronaldo Fenômeno’s two projects.

In Valladolid, Phenomenon donated 30 million euros for a 51% stake. Today, he owns 80%. In Raposa, it secured 90% of the initial investment of R $ 50 million and pledged another $ 350 million in “additional” revenue.

Ronaldo at Independencia for Cruzeiro x Remo – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

The Ronaldo affair, in Valladolid and Cruzeiro, brings the philosophy of the concept of the game as an issue that cannot be discussed. As he did with Paul Pezzolano, in Cruzeiro, he also pursued an offensive and vertical style of play in Valladolid, as Jesús Domínguez puts it. In addition, according to a journalist, he found athletes.

– What has been said is that Valladolid played very defensively, and Ronaldo wanted to place a bet on more vertical, beautiful and offensive football. In this experiment, they performed several important tasks. Ronaldo had his thoughts that they would be a long-term investment. There were a lot of players on loan from other clubs, big players, and there were no good long-term revenue prospects. Ronaldo, last year, tried to give the club the right to more players, younger players, who could be valued and sold. And then he made a change.

“Let’s go to Brasileirão! The biggest game offer at the game-offering price. Sign the First Show!”

Premiere Brasileirão Poster – Photo: Production

In both clubs, Ronaldo’s leadership is headed by a CEO. Both in Valladolid and Cruzeiro, there is the presence of boards of directors, of which Ronaldo is a part in both cases. Other members of the Raposa management are also part of the management of the Spanish club, such as Paulo André and Gabriel Lima.

– As in any other owner’s club, the owner participates in the major decisions, it is he who has the last word, but logically he has a professional and hired professional to make daily administration. I met the CEO of Valladolid, a Frenchman who lived in Fortaleza for a long time, he speaks Portuguese, and he has the whole team behind him. You have Paulo André as the general manager of the football department, as the sports director, who also, in a way, will link Valladolid and Cruzeiro … There is also a whole professional body under those people who are responsible for managing. Valladolid day by day – explains Rodrigo Capelo.

Cruzeiro Executive Board with Ronaldo and Paulo Pezzolano – Photo: Publicity / Cruzeiro

Another thing that has been pointed out and that has become clear, also Cruzeiro, is that Ronaldo will not pour a large amount of money. It will make the business sustainable, so that it can thrive.

– What is clear from the information we have from Cruzeiro and the reality of Real Valladolid is that Ronaldo is not the type of football club owners who will spend hundreds of millions, be it reais or euros, to strengthen the team. It is a regime that focuses more on management, strategy, football philosophy, than spending, investment. This feature is available to Cruzeiro and Valladolid – adds Rodrigo Capelo.

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Still in terms of management, Ronaldo has been trying to reform the two clubs, logically at different stages. He found Real Valladolid also heavily indebted, with no players’ assets, and a stadium with obsolete structures.

Ronaldo, according to Rodrigo Capelo, invested 7 million euros in the José José Zorrilla stadium and in equipment. In Cruzeiro, there are also more than 20 improvement works in visible training centers.

Ronaldo Valladolid José Zorrilla Stadium – Photo: Márcio Iannacca /

– Valladolid, since Ronaldo’s arrival, has changed its structure drastically. They invested 7 million euros in the stadium and club equipment. It is still a small stadium, it is a public power stadium, not a Valladolid stadium, but it is already a well-planned place, with an average attendance, the city’s population attends, and today has better services than when it participates. he was the reign before Ronaldo.

Journalist Jesús Domínguez highlights some of the improvements made by Ronaldo’s management:

– It was almost 40 years since they worked. With Ronaldo, there were some improvements in the area of ​​journalism, for example, dressing rooms, lighting … Today it is modern. Three years ago, if I am not mistaken, they bought LED lawn lamps, because Valladolid is an area that is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Thanks to the bulbs they bought, for example, Valladolid now has one of the best football stadiums in Spain. For security reasons a long time ago, there was a tunnel surrounding the stadium. The hole for the fans is not invading. For Ronaldo, there was work to close the gap. This is something that fans really value.

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In Spain, however, Ronaldo cannot make a huge investment. There are rules in Spanish football, as mentioned by Rodrigo Capelo.

– Valladolid is in La Liga, a league of clubs in Spain, and La Liga has something we do not have in Brazil, which is a fair financial game, and it is very strict. He can’t even spend more than he could, more than he would like. He even has to show how much the club’s revenue, how much he collects from the sponsorship, how much it comes from television, how much it comes from the league itself. So the league knows how much he is adding and they put a spending limit on him. There is no way Ronaldo can be irresponsible in the Valladolid regime.

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There, Ronaldo also performed a kind of court rescue, as completed by a Sports Business specialist. Something Cruzeiro intended here as well.

– In the retrospect of Valladolid, it is interesting that Valladolid went through a kind of court recovery. They held a debtors’ contest where they re-discussed debts that were historic, very large according to Valladolid. Ronaldo took this agreement after it had already been made with the obligation to pay these installments. This is similar to what happens to Cruzeiro, again with a difference in proportions, because Cruzeiro owes more than Valladolid owes when Ronaldo arrived.

Ronaldo, today, is under pressure to send Valladolid and Cruzeiro to national elites. The reality of various championships. But pressure from fans exists in both countries.

– I noticed that they have a crowd of people in need. I went to watch the match between Valladolid against Real Sociedad B. Real Valladolid lost, it was even a chance to get very close to climbing the ladder to the first division. And 70 minutes into the game, the game was still a lot, with Valladolid fans leaving the stadium unsatisfied and confused. Valladolid has a crowd that is logically smaller than Cruzeiro’s, but who are in dire need – said Rodrigo Capelo.

As mentioned by the reporter, the size of the clubs is different. One difference is, for example, in the size of the twists. To give you an idea, the Cruzeiro membership program exceeds 52,000. Valladolid’s is close to 20,000.

– Valladolid is a club with the financial size of a club that is between the second and first tier of Spain, which is different from Cruzeiro, which although it is in the second tier league, is clearly a first tier club. . division in Brazil. So, financial reality is a very different reality – quotes Rodrigo Capelo.

Concerns about collective management

In Spain, journalist Jesús Domínguez explains that there are still concerns about how the two regimes will live together.

– These are projects that will respect each other and, if possible, will help each other. There was a lot of fear. The crowd was jealous. I don’t know why, but it’s true, there was some fear. And it still exists. Today there is a little fear and a little complaint, but at first people thought: they are going to Cruzeiro and they will leave here however, in the second division, it does not matter to them anymore. But Ronaldo was here in Valladolid recently, he had a press conference, he was in training, and the fans … All of this fear seems baseless today, because they are trying, he and his team, to show that they are interested. for Real Valladolid continues. The point, and this we all know, is that Ronaldo’s presence in the media, and for example the presence of the two clubs on their social networks is different from Real Valladolid for Cruzeiro – concludes the journalist.

Valladolid access is closer now. With two rounds to end, he is in third place with 75 points. It needs to overtake Eibar, the second winner with 77, to climb straight.

Cruzeiro, for his part, starts Series B. But he has a good start, leading by 16 points and coming from four consecutive wins.

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