Darvin Ham: “Westbrook accepted my challenge”

Since his inauguration as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers on June 6, Darvin Ham has been repeatedly asked about the challenge of rebuilding the team, but most of all, Russell Westbrook. Last Thursday (16), the new Angelino commander took part in Dan Patrick Show and revealing that he has proposed a challenge for the star in the upcoming season.

In Darvin Ham’s view, for Westbrook to become an integral part of the Lakers, he will have to play different roles on the pitch. All in the defensive part, but especially in the attack.

“I challenged him and he accepted the challenge. This is part of the word ‘sacrifice’ we use. So we can move it to a different position in the court when we consider the offensive side. Sometimes he will block the ball and sometimes he will be able to start games. He can stay more posted or make the walls in shape pick-and-rolls“, commented Ham.

In his first year with the Lakers, there were many questions about Westbrook’s ability to reorganize or adapt to tasks he had not previously performed. After all, in a team full of veteran stars, everyone wants to play leadership.

However, from Darvin Ham’s point of view, Westbrook will need to tackle this new challenge and know how to act according to the needs of the game.

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“So it is important that he changes his attacking plan so that he does not move the ball on the field and meet three defenders regularly. So, as I said in a press conference, everyone needs to be involved in what we are doing on both sides of the court. I think it will make it easier, it will ease our burden and it will also enable us to improve as the season progresses. ”

In the 2021-22 season, Westbrook started 78 games for the Lakers. As a result, he earned an average of 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists. In addition, he added 44.4% in field shooting, 29.8% from the sidelines and 66.7% from the free-range line.

On the contrary, the three-time star in NBA history was the second player to have the most players sales in the final campaigns with his entire percentage of shooting put him in sixth place for the worst in the league.

However, Darvin Ham clearly has confidence in Westbrook for the player to take on a key role in the Lakers 2022-23.

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