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Twitch streamer Quin69 deleted his Diablo Immortal account in protest after spending more than NZ $ 25,000. She bought a 5-star Story Gem at MMORPG, a product considered one of the main ways to develop her character. Despite being important for development in the game, these gems can only be obtained by using real money in the purchase of surprise, popular boxes. looting boxes. After acquiring the product, the developer still “destroyed” his Gem before deleting his profile on the game.

In addition to Quin69, more users have been complaining about the practice in a new Blizzard theme involving Vito and smaller activities. It is worth noting that Diablo Immortal is available for free on Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC devices, where it is in beta.

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Diablo Immortal has a controversial micro-exchange system – Photo: Disclosure / Blizzard

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Previously, Quin had spent more than NZ $ 10,000 on advertising without even receiving a 5 Star Gem. At the time, he expressed his displeasure by saying something like, “Who needs 10,000 anyway? What would I buy? A car?” However, he continued his experiments to try out the missing gems in the surprise boxes for the past two weeks until he finally found them for the first time in one of his most recent flows.

Streamer Quin69 spent more than R $ 80,000 to get a 5 Star Level Gem in Diablo Immortal, only to ruin it – Photo: Reproduction / Quin69

Shortly after finding the gem, the streamer had no decision on what to do with the generals, until, along with the chat users, he decided to destroy it. For this, he used a very rare 5-star Gem as if it were a low-level product to enhance the standard 1-star Gem. After the tem was destroyed, the steamer then decided to cancel your character and uninstall the game. At one point, Quin69 commented, “No one should play this game in its current state. It is toxic and only available to take people’s money.”

Opinions about Diablo Immortal have been very intense, and the game has become the most infamous computer brand in the world. Metacritic, with a score of 0.2 out of 10 in user reviews. The game was not released in some of the countries that passed laws banning the use of looting boxessuch as Belgium and the Netherlands, and recently its launch in China was delayed a few days before its arrival for improvement purposes.

MMORPG was the first in the franchise to reach mobile devices and has its own story, regardless of the topic given to the consoles. Despite the criticism, Diablo Immortal has already downloaded 8.5 million and is reportedly generating more than $ 24 million. The next game in the series, Diablo 4, has already been confirmed, but it has not yet been set a release date.

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