Diego Alves sees the team as very low and says he is in his final months at Flamengo: “It will definitely be this way” | Flamengo

After an entire season without a chance with Paulo Sousa, Diego Alves returned to the field and reached three consecutive matches as a founder. This Sunday, however, was nothing positive, with Flamengo dominated further by a 2-0 defeat from Atlético-MG.

Shirt 1 admitted that the team was very low in all aspects, especially in the technical part.

– Involves the technical part, today it was much lower than what we are used to, probably because of the strength and ability of Atlético-MG in marking. But it is logical that I think we are lacking in common sense in all aspects.

– It was a very difficult game, I remember we had a few minutes of control and the others arrived, but in general context it was not a good game, as we had these expectations.

Atlético-MG vs Flamengo: Diego Alves – Photo: Gilvan de Souza / Flamengo

Despite Flamengo’s poor performance, Diego lived a positive week in personal terms. He returned to play and received the will of the fans. When he arrived in Belo Horizonte, he was, along with Pablo, a dancer who had plenty of time to photograph.

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When asked about it, he appreciated the love received in the red-black collection and admitted to enjoying the last minutes inside the club he has been defending since the second half of 2017.

– I can live my last months here for sure inside Flamengo. It certainly will be. Of the time we spent now, I have to appreciate the will of the fans and the will of the players. We are here to help Flamengo. We players will pass, others will come, and Flamengo continues. There is no such thing as an individual, it has never existed. We are here to help, to keep Flamengo fit for the title and to bring joy to the fans.

– It is a wise thing that we cannot, perhaps at this time, give happiness because the crowd is hurt by the present moment, but it is our job to bring that happiness back. And I feel very ready to be able to help play and not play.

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Need to quickly deal with a new coach

– As we are in June, it is the beginning of a new commander’s career, with different ideas, different trainings. There is a time to get used to it, but we need it as soon as possible.

– I believe that everyone has their time, but the calendar is very fair. We played a good game against Cuiabá, but not against Atlético. The truth is this. Atlético is the current champion, having been forming for a few years. They are a consistent, open-minded team. We should not compare it now with the beginning of the year, because he was another leader. From now on, try to keep Flamengo in the right place.

Flamengo bad as a stranger

– In such a long race, sometimes points away from home that give the title. We had that experience. At home, our fans make a difference. They are hurt by this situation, but so are we after years of limitations. Our task must be to restore that faith. We want to create a winning environment in Maracanã and take it out of the house. This is the work that Dorival has been doing. If you gather fans and players, it will be very difficult to defeat us.

How to do it differently Wednesday against Atlético-MG right?

– It’s a different competition. When we play many times against the same opponents, we already know each other’s tactics. We can make the best game in every aspect. We can reach the best level to get the best results and send the classification to Maracanã.

You are part of a generation that reached its peak in 2019 and that is probably living in its worst time. How to turn this game on?

– I remember well … in 2019, before success, we were forcibly removed from Maracanã against Athletico. We were defeated by Bahia as well. We were challenged. The fact is that the competition is based on the size and needs of the club. And we know how the story ends. Now we are not getting the best level on the field. The extent to which we were accustomed to the crowd.

– There has been a change, and we want to get back as soon as we can. No one is uneducated. Flamengo is a pressure team. There is an external component that sometimes mixes with the psychological. The way is to work to get it back on the field. In the period when we have a new coach, there are new orders. I am sure by the end of the year things will be different.

The main lesson for the next game with Galo is to be more careful?

– When you lose a game, you must analyze the game in the general context. There were times in the game where we were okay, there were times maybe we lacked focus. I think it is improving overall, in the defensive part, but in the whole team. I think we are in a position to send good results to Maraca on Wednesday.

Head dispute with Santos and Hugo Souza

– I think it’s good for the club. At the time, as I recall, Alex was named in the Brazilian national team. It’s short-lived. Sometimes emotional time can get in the way. The best players in every position are good for the club and the manager. If you ask Dorival, she is sure it would be better to have three than one. This is good because there is competition between us and it makes quality rise.

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