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[PRESS RELEASE – London, UK, October 4th, 2023]

Digital Pets Foundationthe leading organization on the Digitalbits blockchain on its way to providing complete transparency and decentralization, is proud to unveil to the community a large-scale, transformative rebranding initiative.

As of today, the Digitalbits blockchain is official XDB seriesrepresenting a bold reinforcement of its core mission of empowering its community and all stakeholders on a whole new journey.

As a result of this change, all project assets will gradually be rebranded and the Digitalbits brand will no longer be associated with this blockchain project.

The Digitalbits Foundation is also rebranding as XDB Foundation.

1) Evolution to XDB Series: A Historical Achievement:

In an era-defining development, the Digitalbits blockchain has now evolved into XDB CHAIN. This rebranding is a pivotal step in adopting the latest technologies to serve brands and consumers venturing into the world of the Metaverse and the broader landscape of the decentralized Internet (Web3). This is an essential step for decentralizing the project, which the community strongly supports.

2) Revolutionary and enhanced token economy: Over recent months, the XDB CHAIN ​​team has been working to push the concept of “Blockchain for Brands” beyond the confines of a traditional Tier 1 project. This innovation-driven journey reveals an innovative economic model, powered by Branded Cryptocurrency Offerings (BCOs) and a token burning mechanism strongly linked to on-chain value generation. The overarching goal is two-fold: to promote adoption of XDB CHAIN ​​in real-world use cases and impose a deflationary mechanism to reduce token supply.

Blockchains, by design, offer programmable, auditable digital scarcity to avoid the specter of infinite inflation in the token supply. XDB CHAIN ​​is steadfast in its commitment to gradually limit its token supply upon adoption of the XDB CHAIN ​​brand. This pioneering approach not only elevates the utility of XDB alongside on-chain value creation, but also simplifies the adoption of the technology for brands and consumers to make previously unimaginable connections. XDB CHAIN ​​is blockchain’s leading catalyst for limitless brand innovation.

It previously revealed that the inaugural globally-branded coin minted on XDB CHAIN ​​will be unveiled by October 15, 2023, along with new organizations participating in the XBB CHAIN ​​governance structure, reinforcing its commitment to a more decentralized future than ever before. These exciting developments were revealed to the XDB CHAIN ​​community today with the release of the XDB Atlas product (

3) The inspiration behind its name: The name “XDB CHAIN” takes its inspiration from the genesis of this blockchain – its base currency, XDB. The symbol “X” stands for the X chromosome, which embodies the innate potential for growth, development and diversity. With a slight inclination, it demonstrates the dynamic nature of this blockchain, always adapting to the evolving needs of brands and users, backed by an unwavering commitment to halving the maximum XDB token supply during the project lifecycle.

Daniele Mansi, CEO of XDB Foundation: “I am filled with excitement like I have never felt before. The previous vision where both brands and consumers can thrive through the transformative powers of blockchain technology is becoming a reality. Today, this is no longer a sentence on a blank sheet of paper; it is now a living reality for XDB CHAIN ​​​​And supported by its amazing community. This represents a historic milestone under a new brand name that represents and inspires all who support it. Stay tuned!”

About XDB Series

like XDB series, the entire project and its community are poised to push the blockchain industry into a new era to embrace new use cases, nurture collaborative communities, and boldly push the boundaries of what technology can achieve. This is just an invitation to join XDB CHAIN ​​on this journey towards a Blockchain future for brands that empower tomorrow’s consumers.

For more information, please visit the XDB Foundation website: Official Website | Twitter | Instagram | cable

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