Diniz complains about goal scored, but approves Fluminense play against Athletico-PR: “Team has changed” | fluminense

– The team emerged from the match against Vila Nova. He did twice as much straight, he did not fall in the second half, at some point even (it was done) on the contrary, he added a circle. The bad thing is that we conceded a goal in the last minute of the game, we had the ball under control, we didn’t need to rush the game, we forced an unnecessary pass, forced a corner, and the ball down. I still have not seen the point, but it was a goal that I could have avoided. But overall I liked the team’s behavior, I think the players fought hard today, from start to finish, and deserved the victory, which was very fair.

Fernando Diniz during Fluminense x Athletico-PR – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense FC

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As a result, Fluminense climbed to 11th place with eight points, the same as Botafogo and São Paulo, who have a difference of two goals and one less game. Tricolor will return to the field for Brasileirão on May 22, when they visit Fortaleza at 4pm (Brasilia time) in Castelão. Earlier, the Diniz team played Copa Sudamericanna and wrestled Unión Santa Fe in Argentina next Thursday, at 7pm, for the fifth round of Group H.

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Strong wear?

– You should know why the player left. It had nothing to do with depreciation. Samuel had the virus and David Braz had the virus as well. It has nothing to do with the power of the game. Instead of. The team practices and plays. The more they play at that pace, the more likely they are to adjust to the way they play, in shape. I believe the team will just get better.

– By the way, the rod (from Fred to Pipe) is passed in a natural way. It is very difficult to find the marks that Fred did. In addition to scoring goals, Fred won many trophies at Fluminense. It was so significant in the renamed name that Fluminense had to avoid relegation in that miraculous year under Cuca’s command. It has a long history built in Fluminense. This scoring rod is passed in the usual way. I really hope that Cano will have time to find the names that Fred got. The relationship the two have is very good.

– And speaking of Cano in particular, without putting the burden of setting a record like Fred, is a very unique player. More specific, he is a different person. He’s a guy I’m not with. I have known him for only a short time, but at the same time it seems like I have known him for a long time. We worked for only two months at Vasco, which was … I went to Vasco to help him, maybe come to Fluminense, because he was having a hard time, then he played with me very well, he shut up. many goals. I was advised when he was about to come to Fluminense. When I came here, the song was even more powerful. He is a person who devotes body and soul to what he does. He is a person in the literal sense of the word. Everything that speaks to him does not need to be discussed twice, everything that is acceptable. He is recorded as a person. A good player and a better person.

– This is a talent that we do not teach. You have to enjoy it. Ni talent. You can’t teach someone to look like Cano or Fred. What we came to understand is that he can be a more complete player. He was one of the most active people in Fluminense and it was Vasco, but before I arrived he was one of the people who ran a little further. Participate in the game by catching the ball. He comes in, out of the area, goes in one direction, to the corner, and that doesn’t stop him from closing. It has been so with me. I told him, “The more you participate in the game, the more you will be there at the right time to score.” So, in addition to scoring goals, he is based on a sensible part of the team spirit.

– There is a chance. We still don’t know if he will play, but he has a chance. On Monday, we return. There are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to decide if he will play on Thursday.

Obviously, you can’t compare it to Caio Henrique. Yago donates everything he has to Fluminense. Your shirt. If you need your blood. A very bright player and can play in many roles. In all, it matched. Today I found it good he played there, he did well.

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